What is Terry Frank Trying to Tell Us?

Terry Frank says:

it is indeed a serious issue. Women of the West are not having children.

What does this mean?  Sarcastro is spending his time changing a monkey?  Bruiser at Suburban Turmoil is a really deformed puppy?  WKRN’s baby Carly is a plant in disguise?

What about Frank’s own children?  Are they not actual children or…

…and this is an interesting possibility…

…is Terry Frank confessing that she is not a woman of the West?

38 thoughts on “What is Terry Frank Trying to Tell Us?

  1. I know I’ve done my part.

    I’m inclined to think that what Ms. Frank is worried about is the decline in birthrate among white populations. She’s apparently not alone. (I don’t remember how to link in a comments section), so:

    John Gibson sounded the alarm for more Caucasion babies as well.

  2. Good Lord. Is anyone reminded of the early eugenics movement in the US or is it just that xenophobes only have one way to roll? The themes they embroider in each successive outflaring of hysteria are merely variations on an old imperial refrain of “race suicide.” Somebody should hand her a hood; it would muffle the bigoted noise a little and make it easier for the general public to recognize where she’s headed with this.

  3. I’m reminded of the eugenics movement every time I either go into a WalMart or hear the phrase “man-made global warming”.

    ps. Apparently monkey shit is a greenish hue.

  4. Good lord, Sar…

    I love the first part of the Australian minister’s quote: “Nobody has worked harder to improve birth rates than me…”

    Seriously, I do agree with Mack that it appears that the real issue she & Gibson have is the decline in birthrate of the pure race. Too many brown folk in these here parts!

  5. The thing that cracks me up and simultaneously grosses me out is this notion that I, or any woman, should sit around before deciding to have kids and ask herself “Are there enough white people in the world?” and, if there are not, white women should breed more.

    What if we lived in a world where women all over had as many children as they wanted and no more? What if every woman had adequate medical care for all of her loved ones, so that she didn’t have to be pregnant ten times to ensure she has one or two children who make it to adulthood?

    That’s got to be a better goal to work for than to insinuate that white women aren’t sacrificing enough to ensure the survival of the white race (even, of course, though we still live in a world where people are by and large marrying partners of their own race) and guilting us into having more kids than we can provide for.

    I mean, it’s not a contest. It’s not like the race with the biggest population at the end of hte world wins or something.

  6. I find this notion — and those like it — grotesque, and it doesn’t matter to me whether people are crying out for increased birth rates because there’s not enough white babies, not enough smart babies, or what have you. As long as we’re still faced with the realities of population explosion all over the world, I don’t give a rat’s ass if the “western” world birth rates are in decline — it’s irresponsible to suggest that people need to start birthin’ more babies just to keep up with the out-of-control birth rates throughout the world. You want to have babies? Great! Have ’em! But don’t suggest that I need to have ’em just because I’m white, western, smart, able-bodied, or whatever. I certainly don’t wake up nights in a cold sweat because not enough people like me are having babies. Why should anyone else?

    Bleah. That shit really riles me up.

  7. But Kat and Kate O’ – don’t you know you AREN’T complete and fulfilling your role on earth as WOMEN if you don’t have babies..or, at least that’s what I read once on Terry’s blog..must be true, right?

  8. Heh. I have nothing to contribute for Terry Frank. I mean, I’m a smart, able, Western woman, but I think if I popped out any babies she’d turn around and tell me I should have kept my legs crossed. I am, after all, rather on the brown side.

    And heaven forfend I should have those kids with Breviloquence… a Black/Japanese liberal California Methodist with an Irish New York Jew? The major proponents of these policies would probably pay us not to procreate.

  9. …and, since Lynn is past child-bearing age (sssshhh, don’t tell everyone), I wonder if it ok to continue having sex considering that procreation is taking the back-seat to recreation. Maybe if we just pretend….

  10. So first I’m on the bad side of the “men in white” because we Irish Catholics were way too busy having too many children, but now I’m being chastised for not having enough to maintain the great white hope?

    Does this mean that my cousin, who has the virtual United Nations of children (5 kids, 4 different dads and 4 different ethnic backgrounds) is living the ideal for Terry Frank? or is she going to split the percentages of “White” to determine their worth?

    It’s a good thing the painkillers I have taken for my cramps keep me from going any further.

  11. Well, I have more than done my part- 3 kids, all mostly white. Pay no attention to my dark skin, I spend a lot of time out in the sun, mmkay?

  12. Hey Sara,
    I’m hopped up on black market cough syrup, have had a hystie and what not so I cannot have the kids.
    I’m not allowed to ever have kids again. (Wait, I never had any kids but I help raise two of them but I guess that doesn’t count.)
    So, in Frankworld, I guess I’m out.

  13. She always deletes my comments. A cowardly myoptic redneck of a blogger she is…. dogmatic and as red as they come. Hard to know what stirs the Nascar brain.

  14. What stirs the Nascar brain?

    guns, god, beer, walmart, country music and ignorance for starters. ya know… white rural christians

  15. heeyyyyy! I like NASCAR. Don’t insult NASCAR by associating Terry Frank with it.

    And damn…I like god, beer, walmart, and country music. I’ve misplaced my redneck membership card. It was in my back pocket right behind my can o’ Skoal.

    Guns and ignorance…notsomuch.

  16. Sorry, Guilty of cynical stereotyping. there are always exceptions. hey, i know a gay black person that voted for Bush, how rare is that?

  17. Sarcastro, if you’re going to make allegations of Hispanic Republican police officers running around deliberately making folks’ heads hurt, be up front about it.

    Police brutality is no laughing matter.

  18. Couple of obvious points here. Ben West is an idiot. Borges is Puerto Rican, and we only allow them to call themselves Hispanic, not Latino. There are no Latino Republicans. ;)

  19. Sarcastro! I don’t know what’s funnier. My comment (which was pretty damn funny) or the fact that you, king of sarcasm, didn’t get that I was joking. That’s awesome!

    Mack, I thought men of your age, ethnicity, coast of origin, and level of pissed-off-ness, were called Chicano, not Latino.

  20. I don’t find things particularly funny on the anniversary of the resurrection of the Zombie Jesus.

    And I don’t mean Zombie Hay-Zeus. Even though he is clearly a Chicano Republican.

  21. You don’t have to be any kind of Christian to love the divine, beer, and country music. But Nascar … Nascar is like watching loud paint dry. B, I like “coast of origin” — especially because there are no Chican@s in NYC; everybody magically becomes Hispanic once they pass Philadelphia.

    I’m not sure whether Terry Frank would consider my uterus properly white, but I’m really struck by the idea that she is so very, very nervous about being outnumbered in skin tone that she would white lefties to reproduce. I’d have thought that she’d rather see us just fade away.

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