Joy to the World

I know I told y’all this before, but one of my favorite Easter memories is the time my dad had his church sing “Joy to the World” on Easter morning.

Some folks bitched, of course, because it’s a Christmas carol, but I loved it.  I thought it was one of the most aesthetically incredible moments of my dad’s whole ministry.

I’ve only made one demand on my dad’s career, that he preach his sermon on First Corinthians 13 at every church he serves, because I believe that his take–that that’s not just a chapter about what you do when you love someone, but about how to recognize if you’re being loved–needs to be heard by every teenager in his church.

But maybe I’ll call him up and remind him how much fun it is to sing Christmas carols out of season.

Small Fortunes

–Mrs. Wigglebottom and I woke up at six and went to the park.  We had such a nice time watching the sun rise and sniffing things and eating random clumps of crap that, towards the end of our walk, Mrs. Wigglebottom was actually just snorting along as we went.

I don’t know if you know this about her, but on very, very rare occasions, when she’s really happy, Mrs. Wigglebottom makes a noise like a contented pig.

And the whole last part of our walk was filled with that noise.

2.  The sun was so thick this morning, pouring over the edge of the world, streaming across the grass and through the trees, it was literally like you could feel the dark being pushed aside by a flood of light.

3.  One nice thing about people being giant assholes on the internet is that, occasionally, it brings a writer to your attention that you otherwise wouldn’t have on your radar.  Little light is such a blogger for me.

Her post today about her grandmothers is one I expect I’ll be mulling over for a while.

4.  Is it rude to bring Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs to non-Christian kids?  I’m also non-Christian, so it wouldn’t be like I was using the eggs to lure them to church.

5.  If I fly into Providence, instead of Boston, and I get my ticket ordered very soon, I can get out east for about $180 instead of $300.

6.  This tickled me.  On Friday, I was on my cell phone in my car, talking to the Professor, when I looked up and she was right on the sidewalk in front of me.  So, she just came over and got in my car and ran an errand with me, and we continued talking, as we would have, even if I had not seen her.