I Forgot the Most Awesome Thing!

I have eaten the new Hershey’s Kisses with coconut.

It tastes slightly like a god put his tongue in your mouth.

8 thoughts on “I Forgot the Most Awesome Thing!

  1. Oh, good point, nm. A person might not actually want, say, Hades’ tongue in her mouth. I’m going to go with Ares. I mean, yes, war sucks, but Aphrodite couldn’t keep her hands off the guy which makes me think kissing him must be as awesome as Kisses with coconut.

    Winston, a girl’s got to have her secrets. Do you think I spend all my time lounging around the internet being snarky?

  2. Hee. I dunno which god I’d like to have stick their tongue in my mouth. I mean, I bet Aphrodite herself is a pretty good kisser, but I don’t think she’s exactly my type, from all the frescoes and whatnot. I think Isis would be sweet to talk to, but worry whether the tongue in question would be that of a spider, a cow, or something else. Zeus would probably impregnate me as soon as kiss me…

    I think I’d go with Freyja. She’s supposed to have been hot, and Wagner’s painter certainly did a lot with her.

    Though I’m not entirely sure how she’d go with the coconut.

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