If You’re Going to Drink Bad Beer…

Newscoma spells it out much clearer than I could:

Let us remember, never drink Coors Light as it is yucky. It would be much better for you beer afficiados to drink Milwaukee’s Best if you must or Keystone Light than a Coors Light (of course this is my opinion but I believe this is a mantra that must be repeated. Don’t drink Coors Light. Thank you.)

Amen.  If you’re not drinking Miller Lite, you should be drinking something expensive.

9 thoughts on “If You’re Going to Drink Bad Beer…

  1. (OK lets try that again using html entity encoding)

    I would agree that when ranking Evils:
    Miller < Coors < Bud

    But I’ll always recommend Rolling Rock as the only decent remedial choice when real beer is unavailable. Unfortunately RR is also often unavailable. Sigh.

  2. I don’t do the RR because they got bought up by a bigcorp and closed their latrobe brewery. Why that bothers me when just buying from bigcorp doesn’t, I don’t know.

  3. As many of you know as I preach it, Bass Beer is the way to go. I can go with the “ruined water” of Miller Lite but Coors (and Bud blech) are out of the question.
    My new favorite is anything Samuel Smith or a good Murphy’s Red Ale.

  4. pshh beer just adds way to much water to the alcohol. Drink hard liquor! Much better buzz for a lot less volume :p

  5. Do they sell Newcastle Brown in the Kroger’s down there? If you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl.

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