Okay, Horse Experts

Yesterday, I scratched a horse’s forehead.  Today, I reach into my coat pocket and grab my cell phone and the thing is covered in horse hair.  There’s no horse hair in my coat pocket, though.

So, either my cell phone has a static charge that attracts hair, or, when I was not looking, the horse was talking on my phone.

Any other plausible explanation?

7 thoughts on “Okay, Horse Experts

  1. Your phone is secretly a horse in disguise? You have a stable in your pocket? Your phone was covered in glue and you didn’t realize it? You were scratching the horse’s head with the cell phone?

  2. The horse was nuzzling your pocket looking for bits of apples or carrots while you were scratching its head?

  3. Little know fact: Horses are excellent pickpockets. he obviously grabbed your phone when you weren’t looking and called up some of his homies. he then snuck it back in when you weren’t looking. Expect some uneplained charges on your credit card too.

  4. Horses now use Bluetooth and hoofs-free headsets when we’re not looking. I’m thinking static.

  5. I’m betting on static, too, because how else could the phone have been full of hair and there be none in the pocket? I have to say, though, the amount of animal scratching I did yesterday makes me feel well-qualified for a job as a professional animal scratcher, if there is such a job.

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