My Mom Wants Me to Drive Safely

An actual email I just received from my mom:


I was just procrastinating on my homework and clicked on weatherbug..(my obsession with the weather) and discovered that they have the traffic cams for Nashville and elsewhere.  ta  da!!.. now I can track you all over town.  so if you think someone is watching you, they are and it might be your own dear mother.  HELP.  I need to find a life. QUICK !!

Love you



 It does not look like Illinois is hooked into the system yet.. ha

It’s probably not that funny, but to me?  God, I love that woman.

4 thoughts on “My Mom Wants Me to Drive Safely

  1. *laughs* My mom signs hers “Mom, [hername],” like maybe we wouldn’t all know who she was.

    But it’s cute that your mom is watchin’ you. Silly, but cute.

  2. Your mom cracks me up. I wish we’d have a new email from your mom and a new music video of your dad every week.

    Does she send The Butcher similar e-mails?

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