None Shall Pass; Or This, Too, Shall Pass

Y’all, Coble is getting bullied by JL Kirk.  Apparently, they believe that a consumer has no right to inform others of her poor interaction with their company.

Check Brittney for all the pertinent information.

And, JL Kirk, let me explain to you something about the internet.  Nothing is lost.  Even if you bully Coble into taking down her posts, that won’t erase them from Google’s cache.  And what are you going to do?

Sue Google?

I doubt it.

If you’d been smart, you would have just let that post slip by without comment, but no, you had to bring the lawyers into it and now it’s blown up in your face.  Did you see that Instapundit is covering this?  Coble’s post reached, what, a thousand people?  Instapundit reaches millions.  Now folks who would have never heard of you before know what bullies you are.

Smooth.  Real smooth.

16 thoughts on “None Shall Pass; Or This, Too, Shall Pass

  1. I know. I thought my fingers would fall off just typing his url, but if he can bring attention to Coble’s plight, let’s get some attention to Coble’s plight.

    I’m just dying to know who thought “Let’s pick on the blogger” would be a good PR strategy.

  2. Coble’s post reached, what, a thousand people? Instapundit reaches millions.

    You said it, sister.

    I have seen lots of stupid moves in all my years on the Internet (and all the years before that before there really was the Internet as we know it) by all kinds of folks and entities, but this move they made today was definitely among the very dumbest I’ve ever witnessed by a corporate organization.

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  5. This is so beyond weird I have no idea what to say.

    Hmm. Maybe I should show up in court and just puke all over myself. I understand that’s a viable form of defence…

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