What is Wrong with Kids Today?

My intern just told me about her run-in with “iconic rock star, Jon Bon Jovi.”

That made me laugh pretty damn hard.

I asked her “iconic of what?”

And now she’s pouting.

Folks, it’s not that I don’t love me some Bon Jovi, but please.  Zeppelin is iconic.  Bon Jovi is lucky.

15 thoughts on “What is Wrong with Kids Today?

  1. I believe your intern was backhandedly correct, Aunt B. Bon Jovi is an important (and unfortunately enduring) symbol of the vile banality with which our corporate-dominated media have saturated what is left of our commodified, McMainstreamed, suburban/exurban, interstate sprawl culture.

    I kind of like him as an actor, though, as long as he isn’t asked to do too much.

  2. Had an employee who used to rattle about him non-stop and told me he was the singer of her generation.
    She is 22. I asked her which generation. I should have just bought her a Shakira CD and walked away.
    Well, she said he was nostaligic for one of those “old” singers.

  3. Iconic – adj.

    1. Of, relating to, or having the character of an icon.
    2. Having a conventional formulaic style. Used of certain memorial statues and busts.

    Looks about right to me. ;)

  4. Wow. Bon Jovi as an icon. Well, I could almost see it, say, in NJ. But for across the nation for a whole generation? Hmm, I’m not so sure.

  5. Is it bad that I had only the vaguest idea who you were talking about? Breviloquence tried to explain it to me, but I live under a rock.

    (Yeah yeah, I could google it, but if he’s that uncool, why would I want to do that?)

  6. One of my college roommates imagined that the hair was just a wig, and when Jon Bogiovanni went home he put on duckhead chinos and an oxford shirt, sat down, lit a cigar, and counted his money all night.

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