Guess Who’s LiveBlogging Edwards?

Yep, me and the Don Coyote ourselves. I don’t know if we’re going to have grand comment fun again, but I hope so. I see Sharon Cobb, I think, up on the media riser and I just got word from Mack that he will be joining us in the comments. So, yeah, let’s see who else from the Left we can alienate and piss off.

It’s pretty cool, where we’re sitting, just under the Confederate Balcony and we’re watching some vaguely handsome dude prepare his script for the event. No sign of Brittney or Kleinheider yet. I’m worried that they’re going to force us to sit on the press riser. Mack is worried that I’m going to ruin the whole event by worrying my way through it, I bet.

Nashville, wasn’t this thing supposed to start at 4? I swear to god, as long as I live in the South I will never get used to that. If something says 4 p.m., that is not the time you leave your house. That’s the time someone’s ass gets on stage. Am I right, Coble?

Well, hey, so here he is. Looking dapper and now Rodney Crowell is on stage explaining about how the nature of the events has changed and we’re going to “find the unity of what’s good in all of us.” Yes, a UU church has broken out. No, I lied–here comes a Methodist minister and we’re all going to pray, well, except for me, because I’m not a monotheist, and Mack, who has announced this afternoon that he’s an angel sent by God to watch over me on behalf of my dad (and believe me, if you listened to the ways they both nag me, you’d believe it) and so I guess he can just get the main office on his cell phone and doesn’t need to use traditional means.

We have a sign language person.

Rodney Crowell is back. He’s introducing the Del McCoury band. I gasped. They have an upright bass. Oh, upright bass, I love you. I feel a little like we’re in O Brother Where Art Thou? I hope George Clooney shows up and starts handing out smooches. Then I can sell photos of Mack and George making out to the Fugly girls.

Beautiful four-part harmony. I hope Sharon Cobb will have some footage of this later. I’m a little sad I’ve got no one to interview.

Okay, I’m sorry, but does Del McCoury not have the most haunting voice in the universe? Wow. I have chills. Though, in all fairness, that could be the breeze from Mack’s heretofore unnoticed wings. Mack just said it was pretty which I think marks the first time we’ve ever agreed on music!

Ooo. Sam Bush is coming out to join them. He’s doing “Poor, Wayfairing Stranger.”

Y’all, it tickles me so much to watch Mack watching music he enjoys. I should take a picture of the awesome smile he has on his face.

Lance Miller and Jimmy Stewart (on dobro) are next. He’s doing some song he heard at Tammy Wynette’s funeral. I don’t recognize it. I’m betting by the chorus that it might be called “If I could only fly.”

Now we’re going to hear Chely Write sing a song she’s never performed live before. And she’s new to the guitar. She was going to do “Bumper of My SUV” but now she’s going to sing this song, which she didn’t name, but for a person who’s just learning the guitar, she’s doing a passable job. Song’s okay, too. She’s not my favorite artist, but that was nice.

Some guy with a Jack White haircut just got my hopes up, but no, he’s just Rodney Crowell’s guitarist.

Here comes Vince Gill, wearing his golfing outfit. He’s come straight from the golf course. He’s got some pink plaid pants on. Oh, shoot, NM, who is that on the piano? Anyway, Vince is doing “Go Rest High on that Mountain,” of course. And damn, has he got a nice voice. And he makes it very churchy in here, but in that sad, but hopeful way. I guess that’s called healing.

Hey, Ashley Judd is here. I would vote for her. Is that wrong? And she’s talking about reproductive health and getting applause and dang, yes, dang I want to vote for her.

Here’s John Edwards on stage finally. He’s wearing his controversial haircut, a blue button-down shirt, and blue jeans. He’s talking a little bit about how he wants to save rural America. Folks are coming back on stage. He’s talking about how now is not the time for politics but for us to show that we are a community with the folks who have lost loved ones at Virginia Tech. He can tell us from personal experience that those folks need to know that their community is there. He keeps talking about what he knows from personal experience. Whatever our politics, we are a part of a national community and he wants this to be an event of healing. And now he’s talking about how much he loves Elizabeth and how awesome she is and she wants him to sing us a hymn (!). He read it and got a little emotional. Now he’s praying.

Now they’re inviting folks to come on stage and sing with them. I’m confused about who feels welcome to come, but here they go. They’re singing “Amazing Grace” call-and-response style with Vince leading and all the folks on stage, who keep coming, singing. Vince is doing his own little melody, closer to some of the old shape note versions I’ve heard John Work collect, but the rest of them are doing the regular melody. So, not quite true call-and-response, I don’t think.

And Vince has the words on a piece of paper in his hands. I’m guessing by that that he’s not Methodist, because we whoop this puppy out on all occassions, weddings funerals, baptisms, buying a new car, a particularly ripe fart, whatever.

But the nice thing is that, of course, the crowd echoes through the Ryman in a way that just makes the whole place hum so beautifully. Really, Vince should just step away from the mic and let the venue do its job. But very, very nice.

And that was it.

101 thoughts on “Guess Who’s LiveBlogging Edwards?

  1. I’m only staying here if you promise to hide me from Nell Levin, she just pointed at me and said, “I want to talk to you.”….

  2. Ha, I will definitely hide you from Nell Levin. But you are wearing a nice tie. I bet she wants to put you in charge of something.

  3. I thought he cancelled. I got this in the mail:
    And I got this in the mail today:
    Dear Friend,

    Due to the tragic campus shootings at Virginia Tech today, the event this afternoon at the Ryman Auditorium has been cancelled. Instead, Senator Edwards will be holding a community service to honor the victims.

    Doors will still open at 3:30pm.

    We would like to use this time to come together and send our thoughts and prayers to the students and families of Virginia Tech.

    John and Elizabeth sent the following message earlier today:

    “We are simply heartbroken by the deaths and injuries suffered at Virginia Tech. We know what an unspeakable, life-changing moment this is for these families and how, in this moment, it is hard to feel anything but overwhelming grief, much less the love and support around you. But the love and support is there. We pray that these families, these students, and the entire Virginia Tech community know that they are being embraced by a nation. There is a Methodist hymn that gave us solace in such a moment as this, and we repeat its final verse here, in hopes it will help these families, as it helped us:

    ‘In our end is our beginning; in our time, infinity; In our doubt there is believing, in our life, eternity, In our death, a resurrection; at the last, a victory, Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.’

    “Our dearest wish is that this day could start again, with the promise of these young people alive. Knowing that cannot be, our prayer is for God’s grace and whatever measure of peace can be reached on this terrible day.”

    I guess I’m just confused.
    Is it still on?

  4. Oh. NELL Levin. I thought it was “Neil Levin” and a man. Wow. What a difference a letter makes.

    I think KRN made ACK and Brit stay home out of respect for the solemn occasion this meeting is going to be.

    And you are indeed right. If it starts at 4, you are there no later than 3:45. That’s how we roll in the the Flat Country.

  5. Well, do you want to stick around? We paid six bucks to park and we can see if we’re going to have to intervene in case that guy knocks the shit out of his kids over there to our left.

  6. I hope Sechrist has an account at the City Club…I’m going to drink all of the single malt they have, on his tab. Do you have Yuri Cunza’s cell phone number?

  7. Yeah, ‘Coma, I think he’s still going to be here, but apparently we have to suffer through some churchin’ to get to that. I just want to state for the record that I said before we left the house that I bet that the event would change and Mack said, “No that would reek of opportunism.”

    So, Mack? Do you smell any opportunism in the air or what?

  8. Yeah, ‘Coma, I think he’s still going to be here, but apparently we have to suffer through some churchin’ to get to that.

    I was under the impression that Edwards was Leading the churchin’.

    If there’s an African-American choir, I’m going to call the “opportunism” card.

  9. Party pooper alert: Seriously, guys…is this exactly an event to be live blogging with comedy? I love your comedy…don’t get me wrong…but I have an uneasy feeling on this.

  10. If there’s an African-American choir, I’m going to call the “opportunism” card.

    Comment by Katherine Coble — April 16, 2007 @ 4:20 pm

    No such luck, Kat, but I hear Los Lobos is here.

    Ginger, work is for the Republicans.

  11. Ginger, I swear, if any kind of church breaks out, we’ll either shape up or leave. Right now, it’s just Del McCoury and his boys singing some religious songs.

  12. I hear Los Lobos is here

    ?Really? Interesting choice… Unless perhaps they were booked before the tone changed.

    It probably is short notice for a full church choir anyway.

    What hymns are we singing, or is it trans-ecumenical? Amazing Grace? God Bless America? No hymns?

  13. B, where are you and Mack? My husband is in Section 15 in the balcony and I’m supposed to meet him there around 6 if it’s still happening so we can go home together.

  14. Aunt B…if they start twanging out the tune of “Deliverance”, head for the hills.

    See…now you’ve drug me into this…heathens.

  15. Aunt B…if they start twanging out the tune of “Deliverance”, head for the hills

    Only in this neck of the woods is Dueling Banjos considered a religious song.

  16. We’re in section 4 under the balcony. They’re semi-treating us like media. Coble, these aren’t traditional hymns as far as I know, but they may be traditional gospel, which is a tradition I’m much less familiar with. Right now they’re doing something very upbeat.

  17. Del’n’em have a lot of gospel songs in their regular repertoire. One of their albums is a gospel album. So I’m betting that’s the general area of what you’re hearing.

  18. Hutch! I don’t think so. You would like this music. Ginger, you should head over here after work for a bit. Go to the side door, tell them you are on the list. Give them brigett’s name, since she ain’t comin.

  19. I think casting it as a cancel and reschedule, when they could have just announced a change of tone was a slight misstep, but so far, I don’t really feel like there’s anything inappropriate with what they’re doing. It feels to me very much like what folks would do under the circumstances.

  20. Ever since Steve Earle sat in with Del and the boys, I’ve learned to appreciate his music. High, lonesome just feels right for today.

  21. *Brittney, this might have been a good today to get past the whole phone aversion thing. I live in Robertson County.*

    I knew about ten minutes before leaving that we would be asked to say. Sorry that you aren’t on my short list of people to call when my plans change. (How was I supposed to know you were going again? Did you call me?)

    Next time I’ll find out where people live before I get them credentialed for anything. Christ…

  22. Oh, now children, let’s not fight. The music is beautiful. No children are being beat. And my butt is on the verge of falling asleep again. Good times.

  23. Next time I’ll find out where people live before I get them credentialed for anything. Christ…

    I think Christ lives even further than Mack does.

  24. Oh good. Cause I read your comment with a nasty tone. I didn’t want to have to come down to the Ryman and kick Mexican tail today. ;)

  25. So far he’s left everything to Rodney Crowell and only just poked his head out to let folks know that he’s here. Mack has a tail? He’s a devil with angel wings.

    Oh, damn, that needs to be a song.

  26. Is Bon Jovi going to be there?
    I’m just frigging kidding. I leave an hour and you guys are losing it.
    And I like it.
    B., please let me know if John cries. So many politicians I cover these days do.

  27. The announced entertainment, at least before the shootings, was Del’n’em, Rodney Crowell, and Chely Wright.

  28. OK, if Vince Gill is there there’s a major effort on Edwards’s part to make this a service, not a political event. Vince is a Republican.

  29. I thought about going to this, but I cut the shit out of my toe last night, and just about overdid it walking up to the farmer’s market and back. Hit me up if you guys wanna have a drink or something afterwards

  30. I thought Vince was of the Red States as well.
    And yeah, Homer used to book at a club in Nashville he played frequently during the down years.
    She ain’t a fan.

  31. KC: well, some Republicans are jerks.

    Ginger: no, she’s just got a brother in the Marines. She’s been coyly telling people for a long time that her politics have been misunderstood. I guess she’s ready to be a bit more forthright now.

    Is it over? My husband just called and said not to meet him after all because they’re finishing up early.

  32. B, you got pix of the piano player? There’s a lot of them in town.

    Lance Miller? That’s interesting.

    Rodney Crowell’s guitarist: Will Kimbrough.

    Edwards’s experience: his son died at 16.

  33. “Nashville, wasn’t this thing supposed to start at 4? I swear to god, as long as I live in the South I will never get used to that. If something says 4 p.m., that is not the time you leave your house. That’s the time someone’s ass gets on stage.”

    Yeah really.

  34. B, I asked my husband about the piano player and was told “someone I recognize but don’t know the name.” I’m guessing it was probably Tony Harrell. He’s been playing with Crowell recently and plays with Gill a lot.

  35. Oh MAN! I would have driven up to join you, but I was busy WORKING! Ya know, generating the tax revenue to fund your little drum circle love in.

    Did anybody check Los Lobos’ green cards?

  36. I realize my “That’s IT” sounded very weird.
    I hate going back and rereading the drivel I write in comment sections. One reason I didn’t comment for so long.
    Bows head and slithers away in self-disgust.

  37. Yeah, ‘Coma. I thought your reaction was our reaction. It was very short. And it is Mack’s goal in life to fret about everything, and I’m pretty sure that if you are fretting about things and he’s trying to fret about everything, y’all are bound to butt heads fighting over who gets to fret about what.

  38. Part of me being isolated a wee bit this past week as I tend to be a social person.
    He can do the fretting.
    Can I sit back, drink a beer (Bass or Miller Lite. No Coors Light) and watch him do the fretting for all of us?
    That idea, I’m sort of hip too.

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