Hell Yes! A Song about My Favorite Car.

The Man from GM says there’s a dude out in Arizona who refurbishes Caprices for poorer police forces, but that he might do it for a girl with enough money.

In my dreams, I’m driving around in a 77 Caprice Classic with black and white fake fur interior so that Mrs. Wigglebottom’s fur doesn’t stand out and we’re still challenging all the boys in their babied Camaros to race us down gravel roads, because, even if their cars were faster on the paved quarter mile, I could beat any car on a loose road.

That car was like a tank–you could fit four people in the back, three in the front, and it wasn’t the easiest fucker to park, but I’d still have that car back in a second.

Of course, with as expensive as gas is now, the length of this video is about all the time I could afford to spend driving that car around these days.

3 thoughts on “Hell Yes! A Song about My Favorite Car.

  1. Holy crap. We really are the same person — my first car was a ’77 Caprice Classic. My first high school boyfriend was a gearhead; the only reason we ever got together was that my car was a whole lot faster than his. Damn, I loved to drive that car.

  2. You are so silly….. one of the maintanance guys here in the buidling drives a white one with tricked out wheels. he parks it in a free space in the garage and has The Club on the wheel…. guess the likes of you would try to steal it! FUnniest part about it is, that in the winter, it was so flippin’ cold here in Chi Town that he had this *blanket* he put over the hood where the battery was. I could totally see you behind the wheel of that Caprice!

  3. Who doesn’t love classic cars? Seems everybody does and hollywood has jumped on the bandwagon too. You see them in just about every movie and TV show now.

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