Turns out I have ‘ethnic hair’

I went back to the therapist today, who told me I have ‘ethnic hair.’ I don’t think that’s a clinical diagnosis, but this is the South, so, who knows?

I also bought my plane ticket to go see my play.  How amazing and yet awesomely fucked up is that?  If any of you out on the East Coast are interested in seeing what my haircut looks like in person, I’ll be out there July 6-9.

I’m making a coyote for Mack, just to see if I can.  Ooo, I could show y’all pictures.  Hold on.

I’m really tickled by how cute he’s turning out.

Here’s him from the front.


And here’s a side view, where you can see his stubby tail.


I’m working on the arms and legs now.

I just used the teddy bear pattern and made some slight modifications, so that the coyote has pointy ears, a pointy muzzle, and a pointy tail.  Easy enough modifications, which I think just goes to show how nice that bear pattern is.  It’ll turn you out some good bears and it’s flexible.

Unchecked Power is Not Your Reward for Being Elected

I’m still fuming over watching the East Tennessee Conservatives, especially David Oatney, rake Coble over the coals (and question her religious sincerity) because she dares point out that Stacey Campfield is an elected official and, as such, has still to follow the rules of the State and Country and can’t just do whatever the hell he wants and never get called on it.

Unchecked power is not your reward for being elected.

Sadly, the amount of folks who don’t understand this is not limited to the meaner portions of the East Tennessee conservative bloggers.  Check this story.  Finally, Wiccans who serve and die for their country will be able to have a pentacle, an important religious symbol to them, on their gravestones.

Why, when thirty-eight other religions have their symbols represented did Wicca not?

Americans United’s attorneys uncovered evidence that the VA’s refusal to recognize the Pentacle was motivated by bias toward the Wiccan faith. President George W. Bush, when he was governor of Texas, had opposed the right of Wiccans to meet at a military base in that state. Bush’s opinion of Wiccans was taken into consideration when making decisions on whether to approve the Pentacle. [emphasis mine]

Hello, America?  Are you made of idiots? George Bush is a powerful man, yes, but he is the President of the United States; he’s not the king; he’s not the supreme dictator.  It doesn’t matter if George Bush personally hates Wiccans; you don’t get to take that into account when deciding whether to approve their religious symbol for use.  He’s just the President.  He’s not guaranteed a country in which he will never encounter anything he finds unpleasant or offensive.

Anyway, congratulations to the Wiccans.

Who Will Be the East Tennessee Torquemada?

Y’all, the Conservative Soap Opera has exploded into incredible ugliness.

I have a two-fold guess as to what the problem is.  1. I don’t think East Tennessee conservative bloggers are very familiar with the U.S. Constitution nor with how representative government works.  They seem to believe that it is elected officials’ jobs to run around imposing morality on us evil folks and punishing political opponents who step out of line, but when anyone who complains about having morality imposed on them or being punished, they immediately retreat to the “Well, he’s not your Rep.  Who are you to complain about the laws he tries to pass?”  With a straight face, y’all, they say that will a straight face, like a politician can try to pass whatever laws he wants that might affect you in whatever negative way but you can’t complain because he’s representing your district.  I’m sorry.  That makes me laugh so hard, I just about can’t stand it.  2.  Well, it’s not really a second point, so much as a slight illumination of a facet of my first point.  David Oatney says to Coble, “I am glad you are a devout Christian. I hope this devotion is a prayerful one that leads to the changes in worldview that a true conversion experience inevitably brings about.”  Y’all, I’m sorry.  This had me crying I’m laughing so hard.  Katherine Coble, who has done more than just about anyone I can think of here in Nashville to convince pagan and atheist Lefties that a Conservative, Pro-Life, Christian woman has a voice and a point of view worth considering and taking to heart, is having her religious conviction questioned by a man who is in that thread such a bad example of what Christianity is I felt actual relief knowing that there’s no chance I will share eternity with him?  Hilarious.

I’m sorry.  Hi-larious.

I’d be on the floor laughing about it, except that just when I’m ready to give myself over to a full-throated guffaw, I remember that they actually have access to folks in the halls of power and that tends to sober me right back up.

I Suck as a Witch

The one spell I cast and most wanted to stick–that our crazy landlady from years ago would find her terrible energy reflected back at her and that she would never bother us again–was a bust.

I guess the fact that it took half a decade for me to discover that it failed is saying something, but still…

You’ll never guess who the Butcher ran into at softball last night.