Turns out I have ‘ethnic hair’

I went back to the therapist today, who told me I have ‘ethnic hair.’ I don’t think that’s a clinical diagnosis, but this is the South, so, who knows?

I also bought my plane ticket to go see my play.  How amazing and yet awesomely fucked up is that?  If any of you out on the East Coast are interested in seeing what my haircut looks like in person, I’ll be out there July 6-9.

I’m making a coyote for Mack, just to see if I can.  Ooo, I could show y’all pictures.  Hold on.

I’m really tickled by how cute he’s turning out.

Here’s him from the front.


And here’s a side view, where you can see his stubby tail.


I’m working on the arms and legs now.

I just used the teddy bear pattern and made some slight modifications, so that the coyote has pointy ears, a pointy muzzle, and a pointy tail.  Easy enough modifications, which I think just goes to show how nice that bear pattern is.  It’ll turn you out some good bears and it’s flexible.

31 thoughts on “Turns out I have ‘ethnic hair’

  1. Get the fuck out. Ethnic hair? Doesn’t everyone have ethnic hair of some sort?

    Keep me posted about the July trip. I’m looking forward to seeing your play.

  2. That’s funny. I just wrote about your hair in my not-yet-published writeup of the weekend. Not telling what it says. Hee.

    That coyote rocks, and actually kind of looks like Mack from the front view.

  3. 1. The coyote is awesome.

    2. Your Horse Therapist is, well, I dunno. I mean, I’m sure s/he is a lovely person who has a great many friends and leads a full life complete with music and acts of kindness. But I must say every exposure we have to Him/her via you makes the Horse Therapist sound vaguely fucked up.

    Ethnic hair. What does that even mean?

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  5. So B, as a resident of the East Coast, I’ve made the observation that it covers this vast stretch, from Florida to Maine. Care to narrow it down a little so I know if it’s in the realm of possibility?

  6. Ethnic hair.
    I like your new ‘do.
    My hair is in an icky stage, thus the hat you saw on Saturday.
    Wait a minute …..
    Your therapist said this?
    That’s peculiar.

  7. Does that mean that you’re a ‘Nappy-Headed Ho’?

    I’m so out of it on the street lingo. What’s Imus’ number?

    Ha! I just got you more hits, even if the story is a bit stale.

  8. …? Doesn’t everybody who has hair have ethnic hair of some variety?

    So, I take it you’re seeing a hair therapist?

  9. East coast? Like North East Coast? (I’m slow to the game, sue me).

    You’re coyote is AWESOME!

    Why would any professional ever say to anyone that they had ethnic anything?

  10. I don’t have ethnic hair.

    Just out of curiosity, Aunt B., I have to paraphrase saucygrrl’s sentiment: what the hell kind of therapist would tell you that you have “ethnic hair”? Must’ve gotten his/her degree from one of those evangelical colleges (snicker).

  11. I think she meant I have Jewish-looking hair. Maybe. Y’all, if you’ve seen me, you know, I’m just about the most regular looking white person around. People look at me and say, “Yep, there is a white girl.” So, I’m a little confused as to why she’s so fascinated with my hair.

    Here is said hair. I leave it to you to judge whether it calls for discussion.

    I don’t know. I don’t know why I keep going to the horse therapist. I’m still with my same old horse and I still feel like I’m spinning my wheels and I don’t know.

  12. I think I’d see if there’s another horse therapist out there on your insurance, honey. I can recommend a really great one who’s just about in walking distance of your office and probably is on your insurance. She never once said a damn thing to me about my hair (which, like yours, is quite lovely and fetching) or anything else that wasn’t germane to our conversations. Such a kind and patient and insightful person she is.

    Like you, in fact.

    I think y’all also would have great conversations about your ability to crochet magnificent-looking coyotes.

  13. Oh! And yes, your coyote might just be the cutest thing ever (excepting maybe Plimco’s eyebrows and Mrs. Wigglebottom). If you ever get a new horse, it should totally be one you can make cute things for.

    (And I second the move to find a new horse doctor. It doesn’t seem to be helping your horse troubles any, and it seems to be making you personally… well, if not worse, definitely more confused.)

  14. I’m glad you posted the link to said hair. It was helpful to actually see what “ethnic hair” looks like. BTW, you have great hair, not ethnic at all! It looks beautiful.

    Seriously, I don’t know why anyone would say that in this day and age. But it make a great blog topic. I’m glad ethnic hair isn’t just something invented in the South (since I grew up there).

    Oh, my fav comment is #25. I do love the coyote. 8)

    Thanks, you made me smile again after a long day.

    QM on red Ravine

  15. BTW, you have great hair, not ethnic at all! It looks beautiful.

    Not sure how to take this statement…

    Ethnic hair (whatever it is) is neither great nor beautiful?

  16. Heh, QuoinMonkey. That’s…. a loaded statement. I won’t go into it too specifically for this context (as I’m only at my computer to print more things to copy), but read this for a bit on how and why statements like that are complicated.

    Or for even more brevity: What Kat said.

  17. Ah, yes, I can see how it might have sounded flip the way I wrote it. And loaded. That is sure not how I meant it. Your points are well taken. Thanks.


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