The Revolution Goes On Without Me For the Evening

I skipped out on both things I was planning on doing this evening.  I didn’t go down and help Planned Parenthood piss and moan over the SCOTUS ruling and I didn’t go over to the women from work group.

Instead, I stayed at home and crocheted two feet and I’m going to finish this post and go to bed.

I didn’t go down to the Planned Parenthood thing basically because I just can’t bear it.  I’m pissed that we lost this battle.  Come the fuck on!

How hard is it to say, “This is a very rare procedure used only in the most tragic of circumstances where women end pregnancies they want very much.  As gruesome as this procedure seems, it is very safe for the woman and allows families a body to mourn over.  People who oppose this procedure, though well-meaning, are making the loss of a wanted child even more difficult.”  But we blew it.

Fine.  I can live with that.

It’s harder for me to live with Kennedy’s decision and I am furious and embarrassed for the people of this land who claim to love women who can sit by and just shrug their shoulders while Kennedy recodifies into Supreme Court opinion the idea that women’s minds are too changeable for us to be allowed to make decisions about ourselves.

That’s going to be a fun bit of language for us to have to fight from here on out.

I didn’t go have dinner with the women from work either, just because I’m feeling a little futile today.

I could be wrong.

Most days I feel like we’re so close, that if we can just get everyone to understand and agree that we have the right to decide what happens to our body, we can finish up this battle for equality.

And other days, I hear about a woman who’s my age, with five kids, who can’t afford daycare and so she stays at home while her husband works and he beats her but she won’t leave him because she’s Catholic and she’s scared to death of getting pregnant again, but she can’t control that with any certainty, and I just think there’s so much to be done and the doing of it is overwhelming.

It scares me, but I don’t see any other way but to continue.  Maybe what we’re doing isn’t enough.  Maybe it’s never enough and never going to be enough, but we’ve got to keep doing it anyway.

Just because the alternative is so much worse.

7 thoughts on “The Revolution Goes On Without Me For the Evening

  1. Crochet sweetie, yarn always makes it better. Hang in there, there’s always another battle; got to rest up for it!

  2. There’s more good and bad in this world than any mind can handle.

    Take enough of one to give you an inspiration, then take enough of the other to give you a purpose.

    Don’t try to swallow all of either at once.

  3. Taking time for yourself is never wrong, really. It can be ill-timed (one might, for instance, not want to take much time for oneself the day of an important deadline), but it isn’t bad. You are important. Your mental health is important. Flogging yourself to fight, when it just wears you down is… counterproductive, at best. Take time to do what you need.

    But even if we lost this one…. even if we lose them all, that doesn’t mean struggle isn’t worth it important. An inability to control the entire situation doesn’t mean one oughtn’s work on the bits one does have access to. And as knitaddict points out… there’s always another battle. There will always be work to be done.

    On another note entirely: I don’t think we lost this one because of an inability to articulate what you said. I think we lost this one because a bunch of old white men were grossed out and wanted to feel better about something that is a tragedy all around, and the shape of everything that’s been going on (the shifts in tone from the oval office outward; the various fights over this and related issues hopping all over the place; the increasing fuzziness about just what the separation of church and state means – let alone whether it’s a good idea or being applied well enough; demographic shifts in the supreme court itself; the utter disarray of the surrounding law as pertains to this particular issue, what with the state/federal issues and the ideological divides and the science issues and so on… ) made a gap for them to do so in possibly the most counterproductive way possible.

    I don’t really know where I was going with that, but I think it’s an important thing to consider.

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  5. Moving as the idea “that we have the right to decide what happens to our body, we can finish up this battle for equality” is – I think then the fact that there are equality issues betwixt gender and without gender.

    If someone can afford to fly somewhere and pay for an operation whilst somebody else can’t – both may have the right to the same op – but where is the equality?

    I’m sorry for the negative. Sometimes a lie down in a dark room with a bottle of beer and a pipe, well maybe that ain’t such a good idea…

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