Saving the World One Cooter at a Time

I’m off to have dinner with the folks who are putting together Act Like a GRRRL! this year.  I’m going to feed them cheese quesadillas and chips and queso.  And I am going to sing this little song:

I have a cooter

You have a cooter

We have cooters together!

All who have a cooter, all around the world, yes, we are girls, together.

At which point, my dad will sense the desecration of a perfectly fine hymn, but be unable to reach me, because I left my cell phone at home.  Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, as the evil villains say.

6 thoughts on “Saving the World One Cooter at a Time

  1. Hey. I am commenting FROM the meeting. That we’re both in. Right now. I just want to go on record as saying that if this program were for grown ups? I would totally go. Just the stuff I learned in the first 15 minutes of the meeting alone would be worth the money. Hee hee!! Cooters can do magic tricks!!

  2. You know, there are some folks here with whom I have NO street cred and I am disappointed that they were not present to hear me talking knowledgeably about female ejaculation.

  3. The way you talk about ‘cooters’ ie magic and how you can conjugate the word – kinda reminds me of the use of the word ‘Smurf’…

    Is that wrong?

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