Stumpy the Coyote


I’m sorry.  This coyote just cracks the shit up out of me.  Check his stumpy extremeties and the way everything is slightly off-kilter.

I tell you what, this is a coyote the Universe has gotten a hold of.  This is a coyote with some wisdom.  I’d recognize that fucked-up way the Universe has of leaving a person anywhere.

15 thoughts on “Stumpy the Coyote

  1. That is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. BTW, I love that afghan you made for me. I use it constantly at work. People ask me if I made it. I laugh heartily, and tell them yes. No, just kidding, I don’t.

  2. I love it…that coyote is cute as HELL. I want to take that course @ The Knaughty Knitter…they teach you how to make a little bunny for your kid’s Easter Basket. I wanted to take it this year, but I don’t think I’m an advanced enough knitter. Anyway, LOVE the coyote!!! I want one!

  3. I promised Rachel I would make her a penis and I at least need to work up a prototype before I get onto any other projects. Jane, I’ll all out of the yarn I used for Mack’s coyote (one of the reasons he’s got such stumpy legs), but I might could work you up a blue one, depending on hwo the penis goes.

  4. Even given its obvious cuteness, this photo doesn’t do the coyote justice. I just met it in person, even held it in my hands (which maybe I can do with the penis too) and it is sooooo adorable in a wild and manly sort of way.

  5. arrrgh! Thanks, Mack! As soon as I clicked on this page, I see this big “FLACCID” jump out at me! There’s always something to “tickle” you at Tiny Cat Pants! :)

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