I Guess that Makes Me Out Out

I just did an interview for the Tennessean, to suppliment their coverage of the Kathy Sierra mess.

I gave the reporter my real name.

It’s already out there, anyway.  But now it’s kind of official.  I don’t know.  At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do.  Right now, I’m kind of hoping that the reporter does include the part where I claim to have a rabid pit bull trained to shoot guns, even though I was just joking when I said it.

13 thoughts on “I Guess that Makes Me Out Out

  1. I did a foxnews article in March and used my real name. But when the article is on gun bloggers, and my name is Gunner, most likely assumed it was my fake online name. a slight advantage over regular names.

    One other blogger asked that their name not be used, and the writer respected their wish.

  2. Thanks, ‘coma. I’m trying to strike a balance between not hiding my actual identity and not making some big deal about it.

    We’ll see how this goes, I suppose.

  3. I sometimes get very fearful with my real name out there, especially for our city blog. We get that city officials generally hate us (and some are bat shit crazy) because we do write about bad things, along with good. I always get a little paranoid when a police officer is behind me for a random pull over or when my water bill is late. I’ll be holding my breath along with you that it all works out, B.

  4. One of the many, many reasons behind switching blogging formats was to get my full name off of my blog. I wasn’t thinking clearly when I set my blog address up at Blogger by using my full name. It haunted me the entire two years I was on Blogger. On WordPress, we use our first names only, our last name is not on the blog and of course, I still use pseudonyms for the kids. I know that I can’t dictate how somehow links to me on their site and I know that even after I “delete” the Blogger blog, it’ll still be cached. But I personally feel better knowing my full name is no longer visable on my blog.

  5. Malia, yeah, you know, I am not exactly all that anonymous, it wouldn’t take a brain surgeon for sure. I think my thing is, like you, I don’t exactly have a common last name (I will when I get married though!). If my last name right now was something sort of common like B’s I probably would care even less. Not that she shouldn’t have ever been concerned but in my case I probably wouldn’t have cared at all had that been the case.

    About your Blogger blog – if you delete it, it’s going to drop out of most normal searching. It’ll still be cached in more advanced stuff, yep, but just a run of the mill Google/Yahoo/whatever search, it should drop off completely eventually. And really “most” people don’t know how to do the more advanced search functions anyway.

  6. There was also my husband to consider in the whole keep our last name off the blog reasoning to. If you Google his name, you get a lot of hits but so far, they don’t point to our blog. He has a professional career to consider right now and while I’m sure savvy Internet users could track him to our blog, a cursory search does not (currently) show it. And currently is kind of what we’re concerned about…currently.

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