What To Do When Your Comment Doesn’t Show Up

Hmm.  I should add this to the FAQ as well.

I have just fished two of Elizabeth’s comments out of the spam pond.  If you post a comment and it doesn’t immediately appear, drop me a note (appropriateaunt at yahoo dot com) and I will try to find it and set it free for you.

Usually, if it has a lot of links in it, that might get it tossed in the spam pond.  Elizabeth’s seem very short; that might be what’s getting her tossed as well.

Either way, there’s no shame in it.  Just let me know.

13 thoughts on “What To Do When Your Comment Doesn’t Show Up

  1. I’ve had this happen as well. Drives me nuts. I’m getting a shitcan of spam over at Chez Coma. Why do some people get a lot and some none at all.
    Don’t. Understand.

  2. Wordverify is pretty accessible — it doesn’t suffer from the same problems that image-based captchas do.

    Akismet is very good, but it’s not perfect.. Content-based filtering is never going to be 100%

  3. Mostly because Akismet isn’t perfect, I think. It’s better than everything else out there, but it gobbles linkey posts and takes a while to learn your community.

  4. Thanks for fishing those out… I had forgotten about that and had noticed they weren’t posting when it happened, but I am so A.D.D. when it comes to reading blogs that I skip around and forget about it.

    I think the issue is fixed now. *crossing fingers* I just figured I was having bad wordpress karma.

  5. Well, I have to say that on my site one can comment only via trackbacks. But till now Akismet has worked smoothly, learned pretty quickly, and I’ve had no false positive, after more than 8.000 trackback spams in the last few months. And consider also that captchas are not 100% false positive-free. I will keep on writing on this topic, introducing Wordverify, that is a friendly antispam. Blog users must be aware of these alternative solutions. Thanks!

  6. I’m over 5000 grabbed by Akismet since late December, and it’s only false positived a handful of comments from two people, I think, so I’m cool with it.

    It grabbed some of my brother-in-law’s comments over the weekend, and this after he’s commented successfully many times, but it should quit marking his as spam now that I’ve notified Akismet they’re not spam.

    I am getting slammed daily with spam but I really don’t care, I just try to check it every day or two and make sure it didn’t swallow anyone valid, mark ’em all as spam and send ’em on. Less than 10 false positives out of 5000+ spam comments is cool with moi.

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