May Days

I didn’t say anything about Walpurgis night, but as far as creepy days in which the veil between the living and the dead is as thin as it can be, the evening before May 1st is topped only by the evening before November 1st.

It occurs to me now that I know a shit ton of people who were born in October–all of the Plimco sisters, Dr. J’s husband, the Butcher, among others.  That makes sense to me.  The veil is thin, come on through.

If the veil is still thin, but thickening up in May, that would also explain all of the crossings in my life this month.  I was born, two of my uncle B.s were born, the Other Reverend was born, Coble was born, my grandpa died, and my beloved Uncle B. died.

I don’t think I get any weirder in May than I usually am, but if I do, that’s probably why.

15 thoughts on “May Days

  1. We are gearing up to have a May birthdays shindig at Mack’s place. Ivy, Coble, and I are making plans and will be getting the word out officially very soon…

    So bring on the weirdness…it’ll be fun…and this post is even more reason to do it. :)

  2. Ivy, Coble, and I

    I had no idea I was in on a planning thing at Mack’s. I mean, I did volunteer my services to Ivy back in the day but I think someone forgot to tell me we were doing this at Mack’s house.

    When did that happen?

  3. ack! I didn’t realize that Ivy hadn’t told you…
    Regardless, we’re e-mailing each other about the plans.

    I really think with some things, e-mail would be a better way of communicating rather than the blog.

  4. Geez, I’m all indignant. Or puzzled. Or something. What do you have against Lammas Eve and Candlemas Eve? Or is it just that Lammas is too hot, and Candlemas too cold, for the veil to thin properly?

  5. That is weird to think about — May is full of birthdays and, for me, has more deaths than any other month. You can add Tiny to your list of October birthdays.

  6. Kat, that’s my fault that you didn’t know about it- I meant to email you about it this weekend and got in work and house remodeling hell and forgot, forgive me?!

  7. My dad was born on Halloween. His brother was born on Christmas Eve. I think that says something. I’m not quite sure what it says…but it says something.

    The other thing that’s weird about May is how freakily the birth signs seem to match the actual people. Maybe I just notice it more because of me being one of those odd May babies.

    Anyway, tell me more about this veil. Are the dead reincarnated into the living? Is the “twin” aspect of a May Baby the pairing of two souls, one previously dead? Interesting to think about.

  8. For the record, The Big E Plimco was born in April, but yes. 2/3 of us are October babies.

  9. In what way are May babies supposedly twins? I was born in May; have I got a twin spirit out there somewhere? I need to learn more about this stuff, since I don’t know anything at all.

  10. Crazy – I’d never thought of that before. Out of 10 people in my closest family, 5 of us are born in May, and 2 more in early June. Makes sense, though.

  11. I always thought the plethora of May births could be attributed to cooler weather in September and the Labor Day weekend. Not much woo-woo to that explanation though.

  12. Hunh. My father is a May baby (he turns 50 today!), and so was my ex (coming up on the 8th) and his mother (the 20th). I knew like three different people born on May 19th when I was in elementary school.

    My family seems pretty well spread out, though. My mom and I are both December, and my sisters are March and April, my grandparents in October, September (?) and … June? I think?

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