Car :(

Oil change–$27

Replacing the cracked whatchacallit–$248

New front brakes–$262


Me with no car until late tomorrow–Priceless

9 thoughts on “Car :(

  1. do you need a ride home from work or are you going to brave the long walk over the bridge?

  2. so early? good for you. does it involve ice cream?
    do you need help in the morning? I gotta take care of some stuff at Fisk and could do with a reason to get up and get out at a decent hour?

  3. Ooo. That would be awesome. Let me give you a call after a bit, once I get home. Because, otherwise, my ride gets here at seven and I think we all know I’m not handling being here by seven.

  4. Four tires on the truck, no brake job, $510.

    Not hydroplaning into a concrete retaining wall with children in the car, priceless.

  5. Oh, Sarcastro, you take all the fun out of childhood. I ask you, if you’re not terrified that Daddy might kill you, what keeps you behaving?

    [A joke, folks!]

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