Not by the Hair on my Chinny-Chin-Cin

Okay, gentlemen, I must know–when and if you ever pluck out a single beard hair, how long is the root on it?

Because, I have to tell you, I have a whisker that grows on my chin, which I attempt to pluck the moment I can feel it come to the surface and when I do, the part that is exposed to air is probably no wider than the letter “I” right there, but the part that was beneath the skin is about as long as that letter “I” is tall.

It freaks me right the fuck out.  Why does it have such a deep root?!  My chin doesn’t feel that thick.  I press just a wee bit and I can feel the bone.  Where is all that hair hanging out inside my face?!

Is it like a normal beard whisker, just given to me by some weird curse of genetics or is it some freak of nature both because it’s on my chin and because the root is so huge?

Advise me, boys.

17 thoughts on “Not by the Hair on my Chinny-Chin-Cin

  1. I don’t know about the boys, but, I’ve certainly experienced some humdinger whiskas in my time. It’s wrong. Just wrong. What bothers me even more than having to yank crap out of my face is the times they show up gray. That is even wronger. Gray in the eyebrows, face…it ain’t right.

  2. Ugh. I have my whiskers, too. Hate ’em! With a passion. I feel like everyone in the world can see them. Which, I know they really cannot. Although my *roots* have never been as long as the letter *I* – they are pretty flippin’ icky. As if us chickies don’t have enough *beauty* and *girlie* issues to deal with. Hmpf!

  3. I don’t have chin whiskers yet. I do have one hell of a moustache in the sunlight, which mortifies me. And I promise you–the very week of my 40th birthday–gray hairs showed up in my eyebrows.

    Oh the woes…

  4. Word up, my PCOS sister. If I only had just the ONE chin hair, I would be thrilled.

  5. I have many chin hairs as well, Julie and RB….. But, mine came courtesy of endometriosis and a bout with induced menopause at the tender age of 23. Lupron was great for giving me a *break* from my period, but the side effects sucked ass. Here we are, 12 years later, and the hairs on my chinie chin chin just keep a comin’. I’ve lost count how many actually grow out of my chin. Ugh.

    Anyone here ever have electrolysis or laser hair removal on their chinie chin chin hairs??? I’ve been thinking of having them zapped out via electrolysis…..

  6. I don’t think asking the men will be much help to you since most of us shave and don’t pluck.

  7. I go through this. It’s an on-going battle that started at about age 35.
    Pisses me right off that I have to deal with it.

  8. A. Boy, I was hoping one of you would be intrigued enough by the question to yank one out and see. Certainly, I must have one reader with a beard.

  9. Ok, I’m your man.

    Every now and then, I’ll shave too close and get an ingrown whisker. The only solution for me is to shave around it for a few days until I can get some tweezers on the little bastard. The ingrown hair is always coarser than the surrounding shrubbery, and I think it must grow backwards since it can’t get through the skin until it gets longer.

    Bottom line is I’ve pulled some out that were 3/4 of an inch long beneath the skin with a nasty-ass thick “sheath” around the root. The strange part is they usually pull out really painlessly and as easily as a cheap Walmart geranium.

    Gross, but true. With nary a mention of my my bowels. (Well, until right then.)

  10. It has always been my understanding that the root is generally always the same size regardless of the length of the hair on the outside. I’m thinking that with the info from Smiley and Jon, men’s roots are longer than ours because they’re the one WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE THE FRAKKIN’ FACIAL HAIR!! Not us!!

    And RB – please no, I thought my only hope was laser hair removal!

  11. CLC, you’re reminding me of the time I had an ingrown eyebrow hair thing and plucking that thing out was the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. I would like to relive that feeling every day.

    B, I think the black ones have longer roots. We call those witchy-poos round here.

  12. I should have guessed that Smiley would be the one to come along and answer my question!

    Smiley, you just rock so hard.

    Jag, I felt that way when I finally got the splinter out of Mrs. Wigglebottom’s belly.

  13. i’ve always believed that facial hair tends to grow at more of an angle, not so much straight out, and that this was the reason it seems to be rooted deeper. i know my mustache whiskers seem to be shallower than my chin beard hairs, and they also seem to stand up straighter. could be wrong, though.

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