Random things–The Being Raised By Hippies is Good for Something Edition

–Mack’s got this person who’s all the time spending time at his house eating his food, drinking his juice drinks, playing his badminton, and this person is, when not mooching off Mack’s food, designing clothes.  The last time I was up there, she designed a dress made out of chili peppers for me.  I would totally wear that, even if I couldn’t figure out how to sit in it and am probably allergic to it.  I have offered to teach her to sew.  I have neglected to tell her that I haven’t ever, I don’t think, sewn a straight line on anything.  But I think she’s talented.  I think, if I show her the basics, she can teach herself to do the rest.  It pissed me off when my mom taught me to sew, but now that I’m older, I sure wish I had a sewing machine.

–When I was little, we used to live close enough to Springfield that I could recite the tour through Lincoln’s house by heart.  Of course, I knew they’d tried to steal Lincoln’s body.  Shoot, I’ve even been to Lincoln’s creepy first grave.  But it’s still a fun story and who does not love imagining them carting a dead body around the Dunes?  Shoot, as if that place doesn’t smell bad enough.

–Speaking of Springfield, one of my favorite stops is the Dana-Thomas House.  Renovated by Frank Lloyd Wright, it contains a room for seances.   Someday, I hope to live in a house with a room devoted to seances.

–My Grandma A. always used to say, “Don’t buy an old house.  You’ll just be constantly fixing other people’s problems.”  Still, in my dreams, I live in a funky, well-loved Victorian with high ceilings and one room just for all my books, with the only furniture being a big leather chair and a table and lamp and a fireplace.  Otherwise, nothing but bookshelves.  And I’d want a huge dining room where all my friends and relatives could sit for big meals.  And a great big kitchen.  And a room just for all my woo-woo shit.  And a big, big clawfoot tub.  And shitloads of windows.

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  2. I owned that house, right down to thirty-three windows that needed to be replaced. Now my useless and undeserving ex has it (and no, he didn’t put penny one into it, even though both names were on the paper). I console myself with the thought that at least it gave the cats a home.

    I had a washer and dryer, too, which I miss every. Single. Day.

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