Strange Things Are Happening Every Day

So, this morning, Mrs. Wigglebottom and I are returning from our walk and we’ve just gotten past Dr. Phil’s house and we’re on our way up the hill when all of a sudden I feel something brush against the side of my head, like a rapidly folding and unfolding fan.

Y’all, this just tickled me so much.  A bird divebombing me.  What’s a bird going to do to me? 

Not a whole lot and yet, I was too close to something he cared about (I presume a nest) and he was determined to chase me off, no matter how ridiculous.

Well, we walk by there every day.  I hope he gets used to us being there.

Then, I came home and the tiny cat came in to eat come breakfast and then, I swear, she opened up her mouth and made this noise that sounded like “Let me out.”

Well, slap my ass and call me a baby, when your cat starts making noises that sound like discernible sentences, the very least you know is that you’ve been spending too much time together and so I did indeed let her out.

I will say, though, she seemed highly surprised that her little display worked, so, even if she knows at some level that making noise gets you let out, I think it’s safe to say that she’s not so smart as to exactly get which noises work best.

3 thoughts on “Strange Things Are Happening Every Day

  1. I taught my first cat to say “mama” when he was a kitten. He even figured out that this was the sound to call for me by. It was handy when he got himself into some high place he couldn’t get out of — I heard him calling “mama” and went to get him.

    It scared the daylights out of my sister though. I was out babysitting one day at a time when I would normally be home playing with the kitten, and he spent much of the time staring at the front door saying “mama”. My sister thought it was a lost toddler outside, and kept anxiously scanning the area from an upstairs window, but couldn’t find the source. Finally she decided to hunt outside, and caught the kitten in the act when she went down to the front door. Stunned and amazed, she was.

  2. Ha, Helen, I had a similar thing happen to me with the cat in question. I thought for sure some kid had gotten himself stuck somewhere in the house and was calling for help, except that I couldn’t quite make out the words. Turns out that it was just the tiny cat, who needed her food bowl filled up.

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