Mrs. Wigglebottom Goes to the Office

Mrs. Wigglebottom had to come to the office with me because the Butcher didn’t want to have to juggle her and the plumber.

Y’all, she was so good!

She whined a little bit while I was on the phone, but by the time I sat down to answer my emails, she was curled up by the door just resting and keeping an eye on things for me.

Then, when we went to leave, she ran around the office meeting all of the coworkers who were still in the office and she didn’t jump on either of them, though she did try to help push the buttons on the copy machine.

And, best of all, when my co-worker went to give her a treat, even though she had been running around like a wild woman, she sat and gently took the treat from her hand, thus fooling them all into remarking about how well-trained and well-behaved she is!

Yes, America, someone called Mrs. Wigglebottom well-trained and well-behaved!

Plus, Earth in general, the Butcher totally rocked the plumber and took care of it all so that I had nothing, NOTHING to worry about.

Ta-da!  Hurray! and Amen.

6 thoughts on “Mrs. Wigglebottom Goes to the Office

  1. That is SO great! Yay for Mrs. Wigglebottom for being so good. It sounds like she had a fine time at the office. What a good girl.

    Except maybe she wanted to pull the old trick of Xeroxing her butt on the copy machine… but I’d say 99.99% good is still a very good dog!

  2. Brittney, I wasn’t about to bring a camera. What if something went horribly wrong? I didn’t want any evidence.

    Coble, I was lucky it was all the dog folks left at the office, that’s for sure.

    Lynnster, I totally bet she was trying to Xerox her butt. That’s so like her.

    Mack, Rocky loves me, so I can only assume the problem was not the story but the teller. Plus, now Rocky’s probably all like, “Put me in the truck. Take me to B.’s work. I’ll show her how a dog does work stuff.”

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