I am a Girl of Many Talents

Y’all, I was talking to the Butcher and he mentioned something intriguing for dinner and I made this noise, which was like “wooo-ooo-ooo” and a whistle at the same time!  How awesome is that?

Times like this, I really need a podcast.

18 thoughts on “I am a Girl of Many Talents

  1. I’m embarrassed to say. Okay, the new KFC bowls. Ugh. No, I mean, we’re going to have pasta salad in a light EVOO tossed with fresh basil, served to us by hot young men who all smell slightly of rosemary. Gah.

  2. *snorts* I like the new KFC bowls. Though I could do with some hot young men smelling slightly of rosemary, too. Can you order those from KFC yet?

  3. I refuse to order it as a “famous” bowl, though. Likewise, I am not ordering a filet “o’fish,” “frenchie fries,” or any other ridiculous food names. Quick, somebody bring me a fish sandwich and some fries.

  4. Really? My husband and I were just commenting about how KFC bowls look like something that you’d throw together if you were working closing shift and were stalling because you knew it was your turn to clean out the deepfryer.

  5. I think those thrown-together foods are sometimes pretty inspiring. Then again, one of my all-time favourite meals is Cobb Salad. ::drools::

    I refuse to order it as a “famous” bowl, though.

    Yeah, that cutsey naming stuff is insipid.

  6. Mmm, I like thrown-together stuff… though I’m none too fond of the Cobb salad. And I just happen to be one of those people for whom “sugar fried in grease” qualifies as a food group. So hey, “salt fried in grease over carbs drenched in more salt, topped with cheese and carbs” is pretty much ideal.

  7. My husband wants it noted that the opinion above was mine alone. HE said that it looked like someone had thrown up Sunday dinner.

  8. Okay, first, I have to admit that I find the smell of rosemary to be so sexy and manly that it makes it hard for me to understand why it’s called “rosemary” unless that is short for “the smell that lingers on Rosemary after she fucks the brains out of men who smell like this and who can blame her, yum?”

    Second, I would have liked it better (the KFC bowl, not the rosemary) if there were less cheese or if the cheese were just located on the biscuit. But otherwise? Yum. Corn and mashed potatoes is one of my favorite food mixes and yet, who in good conscience can do that?

    Well, except KFC, god bless ’em.

  9. I can’t eat those thrown together bowl meals because I am one of those weirdoes who eat one thing at a time on my plate. The things can touch, but I don’t mix them.

    Neurotic, no?

  10. I refuse to order it as a “famous” bowl, though.

    I’ve always been grateful that I don’t like horseradish. I could not, (even if my testosterone dipped to a wimpy Kleinheider-like level) order “horsey” sauce at Arbys. Just sayin.

    Here i thought that was your ice cream noise, B. Wasting it on a KFC bowl, well, it just disturbs me.

  11. You’re the woman they invented lunch trays for!

    yeah, and those plates with the little compartments in them…now you’re talkin’

  12. I’ve always been grateful that I don’t like horseradish.

    How can anyone not like horseradish?!? I could live on the stuff.

    Why I really am drawn to sharp tasting food I have no idea. (horseradish, sauerkraut, asparagus, extra sharp cheddar)


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