Check Here to See If I’m Ordering You Around

David Maddox is talking about this cool art show being put on at Twist in the Arcade.

For our 1st Birthday, Twist Art Gallery announces a call for your small art! We are having a mail-art show this August. If you can make it and mail it, we will show it.

Deadline: Postmarked by July 15th

Theme is Summer

Mail to:

Twist Art Gallery

73 Arcade

Nashville, TN 37219


Email Twist

Your art will be shown in a gallery show August 4th through 26th, 2007.

I think it would be awesome if

a. The Butcher sent something, either one of his little wire dudes or a particularly summery wax piece.

b.  Shauna over at O Pish Posh should for sure send a photograph of her circle people doing something like having a picnic or going on an adventure in the yard.  Her circle people pictures are so damn awesome.

c.  Chris Wage, do I even have to order you to send one of your fabulous photographs?  Because I will, if I have to.

Does anyone know?  Does it have to be able to get to them via a first class stamp?  Or just through the mail?

I would love to go to a show and see one of the Butcher’s pieces.  That would be so awesome.

6 thoughts on “Check Here to See If I’m Ordering You Around

  1. Oh yeah! Just be sure to read that you’re not getting it back if you send it in. So, you need to have a summery looking goard and you can’t want it back. But that would be awesome!

  2. (Thinking someone really needs to do some research into why so many Tennessee bloggers are married to or shacked up with schoolteachers – including a few art teachers. It’s just weird.)

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