Things In Which I Take Secret Delight

1.  Public speaking.  I’m good at it and it makes me feel powerful and energized to be good at something other people are bad at.

2.  Days when folks other than me are out of the office.

3.  How babies bounce up and down to music.

4.  Men who can dance unselfconsciously.

5.  When all the mammals in my house are in the same room.

10 thoughts on “Things In Which I Take Secret Delight

  1. Re: number 4: Take my husband.


    It’s embarrassing sometimes. I am always palming him off on unsuspecting women at weddings and other dance situations.

    (Good luck, Rachel!)

  2. “1. Public speaking. I’m good at it and it makes me feel powerful and energized to be good at something other people are bad at.”

    Could we have possibly been seperated at birth? As opposite as we seem, sometimes when you describe yourself it’s like seeing a spider do pushups in a mirror.

    BTW, based on conversations I’ve had throughout the years, maybe 5% of all Americans would agree with number 1. In fact, this is the first time I’ve EVER seen someone else express what I’ve always felt.

  3. I love public speaking too. I especially love giving sermons when it’s my turn to do so.

  4. Yeah, what’s the deal with the fact that most people would rather die than speak in public.

    I, too, like speaking in public. Onetime in my high school debate class, I argued that libraries and drugs don’t exist. The debate was actually about whether or not using drugs while pregnant constitutes child abuse. I was on the negative side of the argument.

  5. Being out of the office yourself is best, but others out is a second runner up. :)

    Babies bouncing also rocks.

  6. I apparently become compulsive when a microphone appears in front of me. Brace yourselves, folks, you have no idea what might come rolling out. This is what happens after years filled with endless variations of finding out that “in less than 48 hours you are going to be giving a two-hour talk on Tea in 18th Century America.” I just love surprises. I’ve had to wing it so often I could about fly from here to Tennessee and back. And no, I’m NOT some kind of expert on Tea in 18th Century America – although I can now talk about it for two hours, as needed.

    I can, if necessary, fill a blank hour in a schedule, anywhere. The degree of relevance may vary, of course, but I can in fact wing it.
    Little know Geek Fact: I attended a horror convention whose guest star was a very well-known British horror actress, who did a lot of Italian films. It was pretty funny to walk in and find out that not only were we dressed alike, we looked a lot alike, too. I sat through her panel the first day, and enjoyed it. The second day, she decided that, for whatever reason, she didn’t feel like fulfilling her contractual obligations, oh well. The people running the convention came to me and asked me … begged me … would I please at least give it a try? So I spent an afternoon doing an entire panel as somebody else! Half the people in the audience were aware that I was a substitute (and why), and it got pretty silly – but the other half apparently never realized that I was not the actress originally engaged!

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