Well, You Can’t Be a Pimp and A Prostitute, Too

S-Town Mike and Sean Braisted both cover how hard at work our police are, protecting us from from “Hispanic Brothels.”

Let us take a look at the original City Paper story:

And investigators on Monday confirmed that the FBI’s Nashville field office has taken the lead in looking into whether the operators of numerous Hispanic brothels in South Nashville are also violating federal anti-human trafficking laws.

So far, no charges of human trafficking have been brought against any of the dozen or so brothel managers arrested this year. Authorities did say the conditions in which the prostitutes are found living and working– including the low pay and frequent johns – continue to raise questions about human trafficking.


The two prostitutes and two managers found working inside the Welworth Street apartment were identified as illegal immigrants.

The four individuals arrested over the weekend were identified as illegal immigrants upon their booking into the Metro-Davidson County Jail, which now has the ability to run instant immigration checks through a federal database. [Emphasis mine]

Y’all, I just don’t even know what to say in the face of this.  The working conditions these women are in are so desperate that the police and the FBI continue to suspect that they’re the victims of human trafficking–in other words, they aren’t choosing to be prostitutes, but are being kept in the brothels against their will, but instead of treating them like the kidnap victims the authorities suspect they are, they’re treated like criminals.

What a marvelous system we have here where, even when the police suspect you may be the victim of an ongoing crime, you are still charge with committing a crime that, if you are a victim of the first crime you can’t possibly be committing.

Of course, as long as the “illegal immigrant” prostitutes are quickly deported, we never will have to worry about whether they were the victims of human trafficking while they were here.


I’m going to bed.

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  2. I guess as long as the only questions raised are due to the conditions they have to treat them as criminals. Once the ladies in question tell them they were kidnapped it’s a different story.

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