Is It Really Temptation if You Always Succumb?

Today I received this awesome email which reads in part:

If that doesn’t work, you should at least consider knocking off a little early this Friday.  My stupid pedagogy seminar ends at 1PM that day, and [mutual friend] and I have plans to go to the brewhouse and drink Johnny Jump Ups and Irish Car Bombs all afternoon.  We’re going to get shit-faced and laugh and tell stories.  The Butcher might come by after he’s off work.  Sound like fun?

I don’t even know what Johnny Jump Ups and Irish Car Bombs are, but hell yes.

11 thoughts on “Is It Really Temptation if You Always Succumb?

  1. Irish Car Bombs are a drink made with Guinness, Bailey’s, and Jameson’s whiskey. I like either the beer or the whiskey, but not both together and certainly not mixed with a sweetie-sweet creamy girlie drink…others disagree. Never heard of the other.

  2. *makes a face* Irish Car Bombs are difficult to drink. I don’t know if they’re always done this way, but when my friends made me drink one, it was made by dropping a shot glass full of the creamy sweet stuff into a mug of the beer, and then you had to drink it really fast. Which is difficult, because the shot glass keeps sliding out and hitting you on the nose.


  3. Johnny Jump Up is hard cider with a shot or more of whiskey thrown in. That makes it easier to consume a lot more whiskey, which is why it can be a drink with interesting consequences.

  4. I promise, you’ll only have to drink one (and you can choose if it’s going to be easier to chug cider or Guinness). Then we can switch you to some nice, light beer. Of course, if you like them, then you can have more. But I know you’re not much of a chugger.

    Heading home to clean the bathroom, in case anyone needs a nice place to puke when we leave the bar.

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