Dad on Feminism

“Equality is fine in theory but when it comes to getting your car fixed, that’s not the time to test whether you can get by without a man to do shit for you.”


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  1. That’s funny. Because he assumes that all men know stuff about fixing cars. My dad can, but most of my guy friends my age don’t know crap about cars. A girl doesn’t really need a male significant other. I think what a girl needs is a dad.

  2. I mean, since he thinks there is an insufficiency of maleness in your life. And while he’s at it, he might reflect on why his sons do not have their collective shit together, yet his daughter is sufficiently capable for all three of the kids, as she has repeatedly demonstrated. Apparently the penis is not the magic ingredient here.

  3. That’s because the penis is like a dog. Really, when was the last time your dog helped you fix your car?

  4. I read the comment as being one of those “take a man with you” admonishments. Not because men knew things about cars, but because men were less likely to cheat you or tell you the wrong thing with a man around.

    Granted, the phrasing is ambiguous… but still.

    (And I bet Mrs. Wigglebottom would be great with helping to get a car fixed! She could hold the wrench in her super-strong mutated-to-clench jaws, and tighten anything. Or scare/cute the repairmen into doing it right!)

  5. My dad couldn’t fix a damned car to save his life. Hate to say it, but Squirrel Queen can change a flat faster than any person I know.
    Notice, her last name is Queen.

  6. I read it like Mag too. And, I’ve met B’s dad and the Man from GM (who acts as a sort of proxy man in B’s trips to the mechanic sometimes). I bet Dad knew that she would hear it that way too.

  7. Ha, no, he truly meant it as that it doesn’t matter how independent I am or how knowledgeable I might be about cars or whatever, when a mechanic sees a woman in front of him, he treats her differently than he does a man. He didn’t think I needed a man who knew anything about cars. He just thought I needed one like some kind of good luck charm.

  8. I remember that I was once taken along by a gay buddy of mine when he was buing a car. He was convinced that he’d get a better deal if his girlfriend was hanging on him.

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  10. You guys are dealing with grown-up boys, not men. I can change a flat. I can jump a dead battery. I can change oil. I can replace spark plugs and wires. I can at least keep up with what the mechanic is saying on something more serious (even if I can’t run the diagnostic on the electronics myself). And I’m a paralegal.

    I can also skin a buck and run a trotline, if it comes up.

  11. But do you say “grace” and do you say “ma’am”? ‘Cause if you ain’t into that, we don’t give a damn.

    Tee hee.

  12. Hell, I’m married and I think I’m in love with Phelps!

    When I went to buy my new car everyone said “take your husband” which in my heart I knew was wrong because he doesn’t know a damn thing about cars or how to buy them. As soon we sat down the first thing out of my husband’s mouth was “I don’t know anything about cars!” as if he was sprayed by some sort of car dealer truth serum.

    I’m never taking him anywhere ever again.

  13. A Country Boy Will Survive, right Phelps?

    B, you know we’re teaching the girls to change tires at feminist endoctrination camp this summer. Maybe we should include the art of dealing with mechanics. A class I myself would like to take…

  14. The fucker can write. Now I’m in love. (The rest of it should just be in one’s kit. Y’all are too easily impressed.)

  15. The rest of it should just be in one’s kit.

    Is that the “Man Kit”? That should be carried in the “Man Bag”? lol

  16. I’m not married, but I’m not leaving Texas, either. I did end up in Memphis for about three months at the start of this year, and that is a city that I could get along with.

    Seriously, though? Changing tires is some arcane task requiring special training? You don’t even have to be able to read — they put freaking pictures of a stick guy with no face changing a tire inside the trunk. Monkey see, monkey do.

  17. Phelps, at the least, I hope you’re flattered that all it takes is for you to show up, smooth talk, and throw in a little Bocephus and you’re getting marriage proposals. That’s some powerful mojo right there, I think.

  18. And here I am being all sensitive and telling you all about my feelings and vulnerabilities…

    getting nowhere…

    Feminism, schmeminism.

    I seriously believe that women publicly say they want a sensitive man, then head off to a corner to laugh at the ones who come forward to try. ;)

    I now slither off to devolve. :)

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  20. Slarti! You have a wife! A lovely wife who tells slightly risque jokes that tickle me. I’m only going to say this because you’re drunk but you’ve got a great wife and wonderful kids. It sure looks like you’ve won the big prize in life. How can you complain about how women act when one of them acted in a way that brought her to you.

    You only need one.

  21. Seriously, though? Changing tires is some arcane task requiring special training? You don’t even have to be able to read — they put freaking pictures of a stick guy with no face changing a tire inside the trunk. Monkey see, monkey do.

    For real…even little old delicate me can change a tire. Of course, I might chip my nail polish doing it, which would be a crisis, but I can still do it. I am woman hear me meow.

  22. Oh, just having a little fun, reliving conversations from 1987. (Although it’s true – nothing really ever changes on a base level between women and men).

    And you’re right, I hit hit the familial jackpot, as it were, and I’ll never forget it. I’ve made it almost 43 years with only having had one (wonderful) woman, and I’d like to see what it’s like, just having one for an entire lifetime. Very, very few people have such a life. I used to think it was a curse, but now I see things differently. And my children are far more blessing than I deserve.

    But every person with an entertainer’s heart spends most of his time fighting for the admiration of, well, everybody. That’s me.

    But mostly I was just having fun. I need to get some better emoticons. ;)

  23. As a part of the female catagory, I can proudly say I know how to (successfully) change tires, change front brake pads, change my oil, replace the thermostat, replace the alternator belt, stop a leak in the radiator head(StopLeak-sounds easy, but you wouldn’t believe how many people would simply replace it before they tried StopLeak), and jump-start a car. You can say I have a problematic car. Not to mention the fact that my father used to be a mechanic. :P

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