The cute chipper and brain freezes

Chipper is my dog. This is eggnog. Chipper is a Pomeranian. When you say bone he makes his eyes turn beady. It is so cute. He begs when you give him a treat. He growls when you make a claw signal with your hand! About the brain freezes, I was with Aunt B. and my dad. We were at sonic and my dad said “We should do a dumb and dumber trick with our slushies. So we did and I got 5 brain freezes and so did he. If you need advice on how not to get a brain freeze tell me. Please comment on me okay? Got to go, bye.


What about me? Poor ol’ SuperMousey is sitting here, keyboard covered in tears, commentless. I can give good advice, too! Maybe a little better! HEE! HEE!

I have just finished giving a look of disgust. My commentful brother, Eggnog, just rubbed my dog’s butt on my arm! He did the same thing to Auntie B.

Aunt B. and I are going to make a skirt! Isn’t that totally awesome?! We went to WalMart and bought fabric. I got to pick out the fabric! I’m gonna sew and everything ! It’s got pink, purple, blue, green, and white on it with gold strips and swirls. It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s gonna ROCK!

Can You Believe Someone Left Me in Charge of His Children?

Did you know that an eleven year old girl can drink a chocolate shake and eat three pies?  It sure surprised me.  Also, I had no idea that people would ask a nine year old boy for parenting advice.  But you learn something new every day.

We’ve already discussed imperialism and forced conversion and capitalism versus socialism and chickens and I’ve had a dog butt rubbed on my arm and stuck in my face.

Send help, soon!  But not too soon, after all we have to get rid of our lunchtime evidence.

Field trip

Hi, I am Eggnog SuperMousey’s brother. How ya’ll doing? I want to tell you about my field trip I went on yesterday. We’ll we went to CiCi’s pizza and my friend BH had 3 pieces of pizza and there was a skinny piece of pizza. BH took the little piece and put it into 5 pieces. He threw the pieces in the air and caught them in his mouth. Then the school went to the river gate skate center. I wanted inline skates but they did not have them. This boy named JB was fast, he went side ways up a wall for about 5 seconds. Then he was skating backwards and this 2nd grader couldn’t stop him self and he came towards JB and JB threw the guy over his shoulder and the guy landed on his feet. Then I was going to fast and JB spun me around and around. But I got going forward again. Got to go, bye.

My dream last night

This is SuperMousey. I’m guest blogging for Aunt B. today. Hi Daddy!

I wanna tell y’all about my dream. Okay…my friend JF and I were playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” at school with my other friends ZN and DO. I was chasing JF and she ran to the other side of the school. I chased her. She ran into the workroom. We both stopped. Mrs. Jane gave us this blanket to feel. We fell asleep. For some weird reason, we were STILL asleep and got up. We went to the movies which had taken the place of the cafeteria. Then we woke up. We ran back into the lobby where our teacher was. she was mad because we didn’t give DO or ZN a turn AND we had skipped school.

Later on in that dream, I was the special person and I won a prize! After that, I had to jump in two other pools to defeat the Nimbus Carnivorusi.

Weird, huh?