Field trip

Hi, I am Eggnog SuperMousey’s brother. How ya’ll doing? I want to tell you about my field trip I went on yesterday. We’ll we went to CiCi’s pizza and my friend BH had 3 pieces of pizza and there was a skinny piece of pizza. BH took the little piece and put it into 5 pieces. He threw the pieces in the air and caught them in his mouth. Then the school went to the river gate skate center. I wanted inline skates but they did not have them. This boy named JB was fast, he went side ways up a wall for about 5 seconds. Then he was skating backwards and this 2nd grader couldn’t stop him self and he came towards JB and JB threw the guy over his shoulder and the guy landed on his feet. Then I was going to fast and JB spun me around and around. But I got going forward again. Got to go, bye.

14 thoughts on “Field trip

  1. I hear you don’t watch me on tv anymore because you have a secret crush on me. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody. And I promise not to tell anybody that you play with your winkie.

  2. Eggnog, how long did it take you to learn to skate? Was it still fun even when you were falling down more? My kid wants to skate and I’m too big a wuss to get out and skate with her (seeing as I can sprain my ankle while just standing up)…does a kid need a lot of parent help to start with if she’s already pretty athletic?

  3. Dear Eggnog, can you give me advice on how to get a kid to do their homework on a more consistent basis?
    Concerned parent

  4. Bridgett, it took me two days to learn how to skate. Yes, it was still fun, even when I was falling down. No, a kid does not need a lot of parent help. You go without skates and hold her hand, while she learns to roll. Let go of her hand and let her move her right foot to the right and her left foot to the left and keep going in that order.

    Ginger, tell your daughter to do her homework or she’ll never see SuperMousey again. And then, if she still doesn’t do it, give her five bucks.

    Dora, Yeah Right.

    John H, she would not! She said she would cook us in a big pot if we gave her crap wrapped with a bow!

  5. You’re commented. I notice that much of your advice revolves around kids shaking parents down for money or goodies for doing things
    that are just part of the daily work of running a household. So how is that working out for you? It never worked worth a damn for me, though
    it always sounded like a good idea when other people told me about their parents rolled.

  6. My parents are sparing me the whole “Clean-your-room” lecture, now that summer’s here.

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