What about me? Poor ol’ SuperMousey is sitting here, keyboard covered in tears, commentless. I can give good advice, too! Maybe a little better! HEE! HEE!

I have just finished giving a look of disgust. My commentful brother, Eggnog, just rubbed my dog’s butt on my arm! He did the same thing to Auntie B.

Aunt B. and I are going to make a skirt! Isn’t that totally awesome?! We went to WalMart and bought fabric. I got to pick out the fabric! I’m gonna sew and everything ! It’s got pink, purple, blue, green, and white on it with gold strips and swirls. It’s kind of hard to explain. It’s gonna ROCK!

8 thoughts on “Skirts

  1. It is going to rock. We just need to get us a pattern worked out. However, someone is busy moping around the internet, complaining about her brother. I hope we don’t run out of time.

  2. Your dad said you don’t need comments because you are supposed to be working on said skirt.

    You terrorize Aunt B, and I’ll take care of terrorizing your father while he’s here doing construction work.

  3. Auntie, we won’t run out of time….trust me.

    Ginger, OOOHHH…terrorizing my dad, eh? Aunt B.! Get back in your cage! Hee.Hee.

  4. Skirts are teh big fun. I can draw a skirt pattern on newspaper and make one in an hour or so. The last skirt I made for my kid was black with rainbow colored lizards crawling all over it. She loved it. Her best friend had his mom make him a shirt of the same fabric. I’ve been putting off the summer sewing because my kid seems to be growing an inch every time it rains.

    Now go sew.

  5. nobody else here? boo hoo. We finished the skirt. look under The Infamous Skirt by Aunt B.!

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