The cute chipper and brain freezes

Chipper is my dog. This is eggnog. Chipper is a Pomeranian. When you say bone he makes his eyes turn beady. It is so cute. He begs when you give him a treat. He growls when you make a claw signal with your hand! About the brain freezes, I was with Aunt B. and my dad. We were at sonic and my dad said “We should do a dumb and dumber trick with our slushies. So we did and I got 5 brain freezes and so did he. If you need advice on how not to get a brain freeze tell me. Please comment on me okay? Got to go, bye.

17 thoughts on “The cute chipper and brain freezes

  1. Chipper must be a smart Pom or otherwise he would have gotten stepped on by a cow or something. (Or maybe he’s an indoor dog. Cows can be indoors, but usually in barns and not in homes.) Sonic is fun, but I live in NY now and we don’t have Sonics this far north. I’d have to drive about 150 miles for a chili dog and rings, so I’ve learned to make the sauce myself. (And I feel like Eddie Murphy’s mom when I say that.)

  2. I have a crown on my front tooth (parachute accident — not as dramatic as it sounds, long story) and I can’t brain freeze myself any more because I give myself long-lasting toothaches instead.

  3. Good Lord. I go away to earn a few bucks and my children are talking to total strangers on the inner-tubes. Where the hell is B? Bridgett, I need to totally send you a few bucks for babysitting my kids.

    Where the hell is B? And why are there ice cream drips all over my floor…

  4. Wait! A parachute accident? Tell me how a parachute accident is not inherently dramatic. Did you land on your face?

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay. Really you had a parachute accident? How did it happen? Chipper is a indoor dog.WHAT! 150 miles just to get a chili dog and rings. Thats weird man.

  6. One could get a chili dog and rings closer than that, but not a Sonic chili dog.

    I was moving a parachute and tripped, landing left front tooth first on the floor. Like I said, sadly not very dramatic. Why must you people persist in asking troublesome follow-up questions that rob me of my useful air of mystery?

  7. This has to be the craziest blog ever. Sorry about your parachute accident. Once my aunt had an accident too, she tripped over the cord to her iron lung. It was not good. There was no oxygen in those days. Not really.

  8. lololol…a “parachute accident”…well, you definitely weren’t lying, so there.

    Sonic rocks. If you ever wanna get me a present, just give me a Sonic gift card. All I need is Sonic and the air I breathe. And to love you. (bad song)

    Chipper rocks, too. That’s just about the cutest dog ever.

    I know that eggnog’s guest blogging assignment is over, but I’d still love to know how not to get a brain freeze. They are paralyzing!

  9. You are wise to seek my counsel. If you insist on avoiding “the freeze”, (which me and Nog think are the best part of slushes and icees) merely keep the liquid rolling around in your mouth until it gets closer to your body temperature, then swallow.

    Let the jokes commence.

  10. This is SuperMousey, NOT Eggnog. I can’t post anymore, so I’m commenting on my brother’s post. You mind? Anyway, i went to a friend’s slumber party at the Marriot! It was SOOOOOO fun! The indoor and outdoor pools link together. We swam all day. My friends HF and JF and I were TRYING to go to sleep, but the rest of the girls WOULD NOT SHUT UP! I even slept in the bathroom for ten minutes. we finally got to sleep at 1:00 a.m! we woke up at 8:00! we went swimming AGAIN this morning! God, I’m tired!

  11. I went swimming again yesterday. I am gonna go again sometime this week at the country club.

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