Internet, Wondering What to Get Me for My Birthday?

Y’all, I am perturbed.  Here’s the story.  A guy I know bought a year ago.  He thought he could just transfer it to me, but somehow we fucked it up.  Or I fucked it up.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.  I had this idea that I’d just wait for his claim on it to run out, which it did, on March 1st, wait for it to come open again, and buy it.

Well, it seemed to take a while to come open, so I had try to nab it for me when it did, figuring who the hell could want except for me, right?

Yeah, right.

Look at  What the fuck is that?

Yes, because when the few people in the world who think about tiny cat pants, actually think about tiny cat pants, they think about a naked woman with rocks down her back.

Who are these jackasses and how can I get away from them?

Advice, internet, that’s what I want for my birthday, advice on how to get and secure for myself.

6 thoughts on “Internet, Wondering What to Get Me for My Birthday?

  1. Run a whois check. Your site’s become popular enough that it’s worth someone’s money to host a site that is a sound-alike
    so that those who can’t remember whether you’re wordpress or blogger or squarespace will get sucked in to an advertising site.
    Also, anyone googling tinycatpants and bra. It’s the same trick that (ads) and (political satire)
    are working. Welcome to the big time.

  2. Yeah. What bridgett said. Be pissed about the domain name, but be glad that you’ve attracted the eye of a domain squatter.

    That’s the big time right there.

  3. I had to go through getting a domain back for a client who was in pretty much the exact same position (except they’d actually already previously controlled it and gone to great lengths to promote it to their members, when they left it in less than responsible hands and lost it). It’s not a difficult process but it is costly. Basically you want to get it appraised & then you hire a broker who will try to negotiate a purchase price. In the end it cost my client about $500 between the purchase and assorted fees.

    That’s probably what they’re after more so than the traffic leaching; these poachers just try to grab any names that open up, figuring if there was demand once there will be demand again, hoping to cash in accordingly.

  4. I’ve found that the .com on the back of newscoma hasn’t been all that and a bag of chips, of course, I don’t have your traffic.
    .net would work. It does for busy mom and others, wouldn’t it?

  5. omg, I had no idea that people do this…would buy your name (basically your trademark-which you might consider doing that, btw) and then try to scam money off of you for you to get it back. That just sucks!

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