The Email I Sent to the Owners of

As you’ll recall, dear readers, was bought out from under me by somebody who links to folks who are selling stuff.  I am unhappy.  Coble reminded me that Smiley owns “” and not .com and, aside from some gastrointestinal issues, he seems to have suffered no ill effects from being a .net instead of a .com, and so I have purchased  I’d like to retrieve at some point, but it won’t be the end of the world if I don’t.

Dear Sirs:

Over the years I’ve run a blog at,, and  I sell products with the phrase “tiny cat pants” on them.  I find it a little suspicious that, just as became available, you swooped in and bought it.  What possible use do you have for the phrase “tiny cat pants” except to poach off my traffic and create confusion among readers looking for my blog?

Perhaps you’re unaware of laws that protect me from unfair competition.  But by buying and using it as a means by which to sell products, I believe you’re a.) intentionally profiting from confusion caused by people who are looking for my blog “Tiny Cat Pants” and end up at and b.) intentionally profiting from people who see, assume I have something to do with it, and assume, obviously incorrectly, that I endorse the products you’re trying to sell.  I believe this violates both my right to publicity, since Tiny Cat Pants is so closely associated with me, and is a misappropriation of my property, as you’re clearly hoping to benefit from confusion between the blog Tiny Cat Pants and your site.

I’d like to settle this, either by seeing the content of changed to something that doesn’t benefit from being confused with Tiny Cat Pants, the blog, or by having the domain turned over to me, since, clearly, if anyone should benefit from Tiny Cat Pants, it should be me.


5 thoughts on “The Email I Sent to the Owners of

  1. I’m hoping that some dumbass representative from asks you to cease and desist and quit talking about them on your blog, and to pull down any references to TCP.Com. That was a lot of fun the last time it happened!

  2. I told my boss about it and he said you’re on the right track and not to give up. Your arguments are sound, and are the very means by which he and his fellow big-timey executives were able to seize control of a very similar domain name to the one mainly associated with where I work.

    So good luck! I hope they bend to your will.

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