Don’t You Want Me Baby?

The recalcitrant brother and I once got in huge trouble for singing “Don’t You Want Me, Baby?” at the top of our lungs on a drive home from my Grandma’s house one Christmas.

My dad didn’t think that was an appropriate song for children to be singing.

The recalcitrant brother is a little freaked out because the littlest nephew was singing that song the other day.

I, of course, am tickled by the ways our past lingers.

2 thoughts on “Don’t You Want Me Baby?

  1. Man, that’s Ethan’s favorite song!

    And “want” when you’re seven is way different from “want” when you’re thirty-three, dad.

  2. Well, then, I’m with Ethan. I think it’s catchy and the melody is singsongy in a way that’s a little more complicated than it appears at first. And, frankly, as a newly minted thirty-three year old, I feel comfortable admitting that I still don’t find that song very sexy at all, so I think the seven year old interpretation is probably the best.

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