An Evening with the Sisters I Love

So, Plimco, Dr. J. and the Queen (and her man) and I went to The Sounds game.  They beat Memphis, for those of you who give a shit.

God, I love that family.  Plimco and I talked all about all y’all.  One of you was voted most amazingly and surprisingly good looking.  One of you was voted easiest to like.  And the rest of you were rated on a scale of one to ten for your fuckability at an orgy.  I’m pleased to say that the whole lot of you averaged a 7.35.

Dr. J. showed us her bruise and we talked about sustainable housing and I told her about my secret dream to be able to live off the grid in a little house that looks like somewhere a hobbit or a kindly old witch should live that’s built out of tires.

We also began our campaign for naked man week, which would also require see-through cups so that we could come to better understand where all your junk is and what all it is doing at any given moment and how you keep from having terrible accidents with it where everything gets pinched.

Feel free to explain, send photos, or make elaborate drawings.

I think that was everything.  Except I laughed a lot about the play and just how strange and wonderful the whole thing is and how I can’t believe it’s only basically a month away.


9 thoughts on “An Evening with the Sisters I Love

  1. Having the shortest attention span on the planet (look! something shiny!), an orgy would be totally out of the question for me. I’d just spin around uncontrollably until my head exploded.

  2. Slarti, you know I love you, but I’d have to say that, no, unless you have been smoking pot all day every day for four days in a row beforehand, you cannot come to my orgy.

  3. Kat,

    But your love of strapon action moves you over the curve.

    At least that’s the word on the street

  4. Yes, but in truth, your refusal to use the strap-on on anyone but your husband did count against you slightly.

    No, I tease. We didn’t rate anyone, except the men on the field.

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