A Thousand Words


Chris Wage took this picture of John H., which I am so madly in love with I had to steal it and post it here.

Don’t you look at this and immediately want to know him?  Know about him?  Doesn’t he look holy?  I love this picture.

I hate looking at pictures of myself.  I’m getting better about it, just because, well, that’s what I look like and a.) what can you do? and b.) that’s what a lot of women I love look like and I love them so I ought to learn to extend that to myself.

It’s weird to really look and try to see myself objectively.  I’m big and fat like my dad’s people.  My eyes look a lot like my Grandma Doris.  I hold myself a lot like her, too.  But I think I look a lot like my cousins on my dad’s side, too.

And then just a little bit like only me.

I would love to look at photos of myself and see someone I thought was worth looking at.  I hope that happens some day.


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  1. I would rather stick needles in both eyes than see pictures of myself, but, I’ve come to realize that others don’t see us as we see ourselves. I hate it took me til I was in my late 30’s to figure that out, but, that’s part of the fun of it, I reckon.

  2. Oh my, yes…this picture is amazing. It just captures Hutch’s spirit so perfect. Wow.

    fwiw, I thought you looked gorgeous last night. I was just writing my post recapping the festivities and had put in there how beautiful you looked. It is so difficult for me to do, but I have to make an effort to take a compliment and say “thank you” without having any negative retort to say back to the person who paid it to me. I think a lot of that comes from being taught that it was thinking more highly of yourself than you should if you accept a compliment at face value, as well as not having the self esteem to actually believe that what the person is saying might just be true! Well, just so you know, it is true… :)

  3. I would love to look at photos of myself and see someone I thought was worth looking at. I hope that happens some day.

    The pic Shauna took of me is one of the first pictures I have ever looked at and really loved. It’s really amazing when someone can capture you in the way you think you OUGHT to look, but never really seem to get from pictures.

  4. Young Mr. Wage is one damfine shooter. He can make photos look almost tactile. For example, one can almost tweak John H’s goatee in that shot.

    And B, the photo you linked to of yourself is just as photos of you always are — wise and eminently snoggable. And always worth looking at and listening to.

    I can’t stand photos of myself. Except some when I was little, because they’re funny. I’ve been a shooter ever since sixth grade. I think it’s a defense mechanism — “no no, I’ll take the photos, don’t take one of me.” Who knows? If I ever become as introspective — and as wise — as you, maybe I’ll figure it out.

  5. holy God..I didn’t see this until tonight. I like about three pics of myself in all 54 yrs of my life..this is certainly one of those three.

    Truth be told, the magic here is not the subject, but the artist behind the lens. I do have to say, though, I love my glasses (o:

    I’ve been telling people that Wage is the best damn photographer around. The fact that he can take a pic like that and I can look at myself without wincing mightily further adds to the legend.

    You rock yourself, there, B.

  6. I went over and looked at the whole set and I must say that my heart sort of twinged that I couldn’t make it. His photos make the whole evening look like a night in Manhattan at the grooviest of places.
    The photo of John is just stunning.

  7. I’ve decided that there are pictures and then there are photos. Unless the person holding the camera is an experienced and/or gifted photographer, most pictures of people don’t capture the essence of the human.

    I’ve looked closely (and boy, was it painful) at a lot of photos of “me” that I don’t like. I know that’s “what I look like” physically–from one angle for one fraction of a second in time–but they still don’t look like “me”. That’s what bugs me. A lot of times I’ll gripe about how I look “too fat” or whatever, but really,it’s that it no more looks like “Me” than a shirt I wore last week looks like “me”.

    Wage’s photos of people are good because he can capture the spirit of the person, and the pictures do look like the actual people; something of who you are at your core shows through.

    Take that picture of you. It shows your humour, your hesitation at being honoured, your joy at being surrounded by people who love you and all of the thoughts whirring in the back of your mind.

  8. I kind of like seeing pix of myself. I mostly think that they (i.e. I) look good, but if they don’t look good, I tend to think “what a bad photo — I look much better than that.” I used to feel the way you do, B, but somewhere along the line I came to know what I really look like, and to know that people liked me, and to put the two pieces of knowledge together.

    Yet I hate having my picture taken, because my father used to take so many when I was a kid. We could never just have a good time; we always had to stop and pose for pictures. Now that there are digital cameras and no one asks me to pose I am slowly coming around.

  9. I firmly believe that cameras really do steal your soul. Artists like Chris have the rare ability to give it back to you.

  10. Oh, I seriously look like my relatives. I was not found under a rock.

    I am, however, fairly unaware of what I actually look like, which sort of sucks. This means that I think I look both worse and better than I actually look on a given day. I joke that I wouldn’t recognize my clone if I ran into it. Of course, this is all coming from someone that just posted a picture of herself in sweatpants. So… I may just be weird.

  11. I’ve loved looking at everyone’s pictures. And what Jon said above about Wage’s abilities is pure poetry.

    You’re right about the pic of John H. It really draws one in for close study. I’m finding that as I age, pics of me are more and more interesting to me. It must be the wrinkles suggesting some kind of wisdom.

  12. Agreed, Sam.
    Very much agreed. John is one of the reasons I started blogging. He means a lot to Squirrel Queen and I over in Northwest Tennessee.

  13. All of you ladies look beautiful in those photos! I’m so sorry I had to miss the shindig. It’s been a heck of a month.

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