Let’s Just Be Honest

If I caught that ball in my mouth and then dropped it into my hands, folks would be writing blog posts about it right now like it was the most amazing thing they ever saw

But let me trap it between my arm and a tit before I get a hold of it and somehow I’m “cheating.”

That’s not right.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Just Be Honest

  1. Thanks for making me howl this evening (I mean morning)! LOL – cheating! Isn’t that what the boobies are for? To catch stuff like the excess ketchup on our fries?

    Aside from feeding babies or enticing men (or women if that be the case), they are virtually worthless. If they assist in a “fair catch”, they are worth more than a few extra pounds…

    B, don’t know ya, but respect the hell out of you for your outspokeness (is that a word?) and for being a free spirit who will speak her mind.

  2. Considering that throwing like a guy seemed to necessitate trying to knock a nine year old flt on his back with the force of the ball, I’ll take “throw like a girl” to be a compliment.

    No one got maimed by my tosses.

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