People I Don’t Understand

1.  People who eat half a cookie and stick the other half back out on the table, as if one of their co-workers might want half a cookie.  No, if we wanted half a cookie, we would take the whole cookie, break it in half and save the other half to eat another day.

2.  Grown people who huff and sigh when behind small children in line.  First, lady huffing and sighing at lunch, you cut in front of me.  Second, the little girl was two.  Two year olds can handle one task at a time.  She was handling the “hold these cups” task, not the “pay attention to the passive aggressive line jumper behind you” task.

3.  I got nothing else.  It just seems like a list has to have three items in it or it’s not a list.

One thought on “People I Don’t Understand

  1. A two item list is quite acceptable. It’s the shortest possible and therefore most efficient list.

    B. Grown people are increasingly hard to find, and patient ones even rarer. Children are our most potent reminder of our own futility. Profound huh?

    3. Half a cookie is not a bad find, unless the remaining half has an obvious bite-shape carved out of it. That’s just gross.

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