Just How Far Reaching is this Anxiety?

An acquaintance of mine, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, wrote this book I love called, The Anxiety of Obsolescence: The American Novel in the Age of TelevisionShe even has a website in which you can peruse many of her brilliant ideas.

I mention this just because, courtesy of Kevin, comes this charmer from the LA Times.

I would like for Fitzpatrick to write another book and call it “The Anxiety of Obsolescence: Book Reviewing in the Age of Blogging.”

Christ, have you seen any better “But I’m an important white man with credentials!” whining than this?

Seriously, if this is what elitism breeds, bring on rabblism.

10 thoughts on “Just How Far Reaching is this Anxiety?

  1. Yeah, but Pirates II was one of those cases where the critics were right. I lost perfectly good time out of my life due to going with the popular wisdom instead.

    I’m not going to repeat my counter-rant here. I think Schickel is over the top, but I also know that a good critic can let you appreciate things you never would have found otherwise.

  2. Hmph. I’m reminded of Joakim Noah’s reaction to a reporter who tried to create a controversy between Noah and another player by quoting a rather innocuous statement and presenting it as fighting words. “Oh my gaawwwwd! He said that? What a bad person.”

  3. Aw, Coble, I’m embarrassed that I’d forgotten that you’d already hashed over this dude.

    NM, I am not all for getting rid of all critics, obviously, but this grates on me because it’s so firmly rooted in this idea of a meritocracy, where we can just all rest assured that the good guys have the positions they deserve and the bloggers just uniformly sucks.

    Mark, your ‘Hmph.’ makes me laugh. Please do not encourage Mack to use it.

  4. Oh, I’m not defending Shickel. I’m just against throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I think he’s doing just that himself, but so are a lot of the “what use are critics at all?” people responding to him, too.

  5. but this grates on me because it’s so firmly rooted in this idea of a meritocracy

    So, which do you prefer, Merit based HOPE scholarships or need based?

  6. Why must I be forced to choose? I’d like to see both. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of a meritocracy, but how often do you see folks born on third base acting like they must have hit a triple because they so firmly believe that everyone is right where they deserve to be?

  7. Shhhh, in NC, the lottery scholarship applicant only has to qualify for a Pell Grant to get one.. Don’t tell the elitists! They will boycott the state!

  8. Well, not only qualify for a Pell Grant, they also have to get into college and meet minimum progress requirements.

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