The Air that I Breathe

When I was young, I didn’t understand the whole concept of a cover tune. I had issues, what can I say? And so I was convinced for a while that I was psychic because a song would come on the radio and I would, although I’d never heard it before, know all the words. It might have been nice of my parents to disabuse me of that notion, but I can see the humor in having a second-grader running around the house thinking that she’s psychic and so I try not to hold it against them.

Anyway, I dig a good cover tune and so at the moment am digging on kd lang’s version of “The Air that I Breathe.” I’m shocked to learn that the original was by The Hollies, as I would have guessed (turn away now, Ginger) it was a Bee Gees song. I guess it’s the harmonies at the chorus.

I love kd lang’s voice, so smooth and strong and no matter what she asks of it, it seems to be able to do it.

I’m a ball of nerves, I have to admit. It doesn’t have anything to do with this post, just that this post is not doing a good job of distracting me. The family descends again on Friday. Then next week is my cousin’s wedding and we still don’t have a plan for the dog. And I don’t know why, but this is really starting to piss me off.  I want to bring the dog.  I want to stay someplace that will let me bring the dog.  Everyone else in the family gets concessions made for them because they have husbands with weird issues or children with weird issues or whatever.  I want to have a weird issue–like, my dog must come with me if the Professor is unavailable to monitor her well-being–and have people acquiesce to me every once in a god damn while.

And then I go to Boston for the play, which will be fine, but I feel like I can’t even look forward to it because I have to take care of all of the logistics of all the shit that comes before it.

Edited to Add: Residence Inn, if you’re not lying, I will kiss you on the mouth. Pets welcome and a Marriott discount.  It’s going to be awfully hard to continue to be grouchy if I can take Mrs. Wigglebottom to Michigan.


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  1. I’m shocked to learn that the original was by The Hollies, as I would have guessed (turn away now, Ginger) it was a Bee Gees song. I guess it’s the harmonies at the chorus.

    Squee!!! ;)

    Actually, yes, I could definitely see how you could mistaken that to be the Brothers Gibb. The harmonies and chord structures are very similar to their style, as well as a unique lead voice (that is very Robin-like).

    “The Air That I Breathe” is one of my favorite songs of all time. It doesn’t get any more hopelessly romantic that that…

  2. kd lang is amazing.
    I’ve been a fan for a long time.
    No matter what genre she tries, she succeeds. Her vocal skills are unwavering. Her voice makes my heart skip a beat when she plunges into the core of a song. And when she puts a vocal hiccup into a tune, I turn it over and over in my mind.
    The Shadowland Owen Bradley Sessions CD is still one of my all-time favorites.
    I haven’t heard her version yet of “The Air That I Breathe”, but I’ll be searching it out tonight when I get home.

  3. I recall some years ago seeing “Tomorrow Never Dies” at the theater. Now I’ve heard some awful Bond opening themes, but Sheryl Crow’s had to be one of the worst. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mind Sheryl Crow. I think she’s got a great noodle for writing songs, and she’s a capable singer when within her element. But the larger than life scale of the typical Bond theme is waaaay beyond Ms. Crow’s range, and the poor lady went down in flames. Perhaps she should have gone the Duran Duran route, and made up for her lack of vocal strength with attitude and techno-pop parlor tricks. She’s clever enough to have pulled it off. But I digress upon my digression.

    As the closing credits for “Tomorrow Never Dies” rolled, I couldn’t believe my ears. The closing theme rocked my musical world, and for the life of me I couldn’t imagine why this performer hadn’t done the opening theme. It would have made the movie at least 50% better just coasting off its momentum.

    I had forgotten all about it until a few weeks ago when I was browsing for a song on Amazon and came across a Bond movie soundtrack (can’t remember which). The theme music issue from “Tomorrow Never Dies” popped into my memory, and I looked up that soundtrack. Lo and behold, the closing theme (“Surrender”) was performed by kd lang. It is– by Olympian leaps and bounds– the best James Bond theme music I’ve ever heard.

    That kd lang sure can sing. I think I have a musical crush on her.

  4. We always stayed in a Residence Inn in Pittsburgh. It’s cool because there’s a microwave, full refrigerator, and stove in each room. Looks like pets are an additional fee, but you should call to make sure because some hotels that allow pets have restrictions.

  5. Ugh. We’ve decided to leave the dog here and let a couple of the Butcher’s friends look after her. I will be trying all weekend to not throw up or worry a great deal.

  6. Oh, you know, you’re so right about people making all kinds of concessions for the married/kids folks, but the single people and their pets get the short end of the stick. (and I do have offspring)

    Don’t businesses realize what a loyal target audience they have in dog lovers? I’m seeing profits there!

    My kids don’t believe me when I tell that that the latest hot hit is actually a remake.

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