It Wasn’t All Bad

We’re driving up 8th Avenue South all tired out from eating and yelling at each other when the littlest nephew starts in about trying to figure out who’s the biggest because the biggest person is the boss (which I don’t mind, because it lets me be the boss) and he announces that, in North Carolina, his stepdad is the boss.

Then he says that his stepdad is twenty-nine and lives with his mom and the littlest nephew’s mom lives with him.

There’s silence for about a half a second and then there are three muffled “mrhawhwhaahahaha”s coming from my brothers and me.

You know, that’s the one thing, no matter how ridiculous your life if, there’s always some poor twenty-nine year old schmuck living with his mom and his girlfriend who he can never marry because she’s still married to my brother.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to think on that.


One thought on “It Wasn’t All Bad

  1. Okay, I am from the South, Tennessee and North Carolina to be exact, and I still had to read that three times before I got it. Poor schmuck, indeed.

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