In Your Face, John Keats

I’ll take you on, too, Jimmie Rodgers.

Although obesity has been linked to health problems such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, experts notice that among people suffering from the same ailments, those who are overweight tend to outlive those who are thin.

In the latest issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers in Hong Kong reported that elderly, obese people tend to be better protected from tuberculosis than slim people.

Edited to add: Folks, if only there weren’t time-traveling tubercular chicken workershere illegally from Latin America, we might still have Keats and Rodgers.  I demand you demand that your congresspeople address the problem of illegal time-traveling tubercular chicken workers.  After all, what good’s a wall going to do if illegal immigrants can just travel back to 1490, emigrate to what will be Georgia, and then time-travel forward, killing off beloved poets and country music singers in their wake?

Edited again to add: The last edit makes me laugh until Diet Dr Pepper threatens to come out my nose.  I acknowledge that it’s probably not that funny in real life.