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Egalia’s talking about it and so are the folks over at NiT.  I spent lunch looking through the sites for both things and, whew, am glad I am no longer getting roped into participating in this shit.

I have lots of small thoughts on it.

1.  Egalia’s right.  They’re marching down Church because they want to send a message to gay folks.  What that message is, I’m not sure.  Possibly “We’re didn’t realize that y’all would probably be asleep and not out shopping in the gay district at 7 a.m.”

2.  Is it really appropriate for a bunch of Christians to gather together for a religious event out front of the Parthenon?

3.  When you see all of this talk about “the spirit of Prostitution” ruining America and you see it constantly referred to as a “she” and you see the predominance of men on the boards of both the Pure Life Revolution and The Call, does it kind of squick you out?  It does me.

4.  You don’t have to dig very deep in The Call’s website to see the old-school anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish Protestant ugliness is still simmering just under the surface.  See “After a 40-year judgment, could we be in a season in which a great spiritual awakening could occur in America, and the Jewish people would return to Yeshua?” andWE BELIEVE that only the sixty-six books of the Bible are the inspired, and therefore inerrant, Word of God.”  I guess that could also be considered anti-Orthodox and anti-Coptic, too.  So, in other words, they’re for all Christians, but only the Protestant ones, and of those Protestant ones, only the ones praying for the conversion of Jews.  Oh, how narrow the definition of “everyone” becomes when you get right down to it.

5.  Is it just me or is there something that sounds like bragging in the tone of Matthew Stark? It appears that all his life he’s liked to be a bad-ass and now he’s found a way to be a bad-ass for Jesus.  Folks, I’m not Christian.  What you do with your faith is your business.  But I know Christian leaders and I can tell you that Jesus never, ever says “Continue doing just what you’re doing only you focus your energy on me now.”  Just think on that; that’s all I’m asking.

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  1. “For 40 years our nation has been realing under the influence of the sexual revolution. The fruit has been the disintegrating family unit, divorce skyrocketing, sexual abuse is everywhere, pornography is the norm, and gross perversion, rape and violence ravage our land.”

    Am I really reading this wrongly, or are they essentially blaming women getting a little more equal to men by finally getting to enjoy sex (i.e., availability of birth control) for rape, sexual abuse, and divorce?

  2. Yeah…becasue there wasn’t EVER any divorce, rape, violence, or pornography before 1960. And families never ever ever had any troubles whatsoever. And lambs played hopscotch with wolves and we would have gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for those damn Kennedys.

    There is always a magic age (usually corresponding with the time that the speaker/writer was in short pants and lacked both insight and knowledge of the world around him) in which everything was better, simpler, and bathed in the soothing golden glow of superior morality. This is more of the same.

  3. “Is it really appropriate for a bunch of Christians to gather together for a religious event out front of the Parthenon”

    Do you mean in a legal sense? If so, that pesky free exercise clause might apply.

    If you mean in a moral sense, it would be impossible to untangle a discussion of whether it is moral for a group of people to gather in public to discuss what is moral. Perhaps we could gather in public to discuss it?

  4. Yeah, that bio reeks of pride in his accomplishments while he was straying. Plus, I’m sure he’s a compelling public speaker and all, but I feel like I’ve already heard his shtick just from reading that bio. Like none of what he says to fill in the details would impress or alarm me. And that’s not a particularly powerful way to tell your life story, it seems to me.

    Also, this phrase:

    God deposited in Matthew the vision of Pure Life Revolution

    makes me giggle like a 12-year-old.

  5. Slarti, I want you to find this as funny as I do, but I’m afraid if I spell it out for you, you won’t. But, okay, here goes. The start of a CHRISTIAN religious events is at the PARTHENON, you know, that big temple in our park with the giant Athena inside?

  6. The radio ads for this “Call” thing sound like a cross between the latest horror movie promotion and a monster truck show. Once I listened a little more closely to the content of these radio ads, I thought it was a joke.

    I really hope that “God” steps up and takes care of 100K people fasting and praying out in the hot sun on a July day. It will take some kind of miracle for some people not to stroke out during this so called event.

    The more a “Christian” event like this is promoted, hyped and pushed through the media the more skpetical I am of their core motivation and agenda. They seem to tour the country like rock and roll shows.

  7. [embarrassed] – note to self – never respond to one of Aunt B’s posts on 4 hours sleep. You made a funny, and I totally missed it.

    Did I mention I play bongos on my butt cheeks in the shower?

  8. I am a Christian.

    As a Christian there are a few things of which I am heartily skeptical:

    1. Public prayer of any kind
    2. Declarations of one person being able to discern God’s Will for another person.
    3. Hierarchical categorisation of sin
    4. Christianish “Movements” with slogans, banners, logos, mottos, bumper stickers, t-shirts, theme songs.
    5. Christianish “Movements” focused on a charming leader
    6. Prooftexting

    I’m also suspicious of anyone who claims to have been “delivered” of a sin who yet oddly enough decides to go back to the places of their straying to preach about it. Porn addicts hanging out at porn stores; alcoholics at bars; etc. They generally seem to be getting a contact high off the old stuff, while fueling it with the emotional jazz of zealotry.

    Of course, even as I write this I’m reminded within myself about not judging. Yet I can’t help but recall the few times Jesus laid down any public judgement in His life it was directed at the public prayers of pharisees and those who sold goods and services in the Temple. So, whatever.

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  10. As a Jewish people, I have to ask: when was I (or were we) with Yeshua? Last I checked, we’ve always been Jews. And I don’t remember any Yeshua — I dated a guy named Yermiyahu a little after college, is that who they mean? So, anyway, if he wasn’t interesting enough for me to remember, why should I go back to him? Plus, I’m married now, and I buy stuff from the Hustler store. What should I do about this? I’m soooo confused. Won’t someone please help me?

  11. nm, the Acts of the Apostles is a book (partially) about some Jews trying to figure out how to spread their particular sect of Judaism (with an already-come Messiah) to the Gentiles. Ironic, huh? I never thought about this till reading something written by a Messianic Jew.

    That being said, there is a huge jump from “some Jews” to “The Jews”.

  12. NM, lucky for you, you don’t have to do anything. Just live a long life, die, and have the Mormons baptize you. Ta da! You are with Yeshua again or for the first time or something.

    Coble, that’s part of what I’m deeply suspicious of as well, folks who claim to have been delivered of a sin, but still want to hang out in those places or act in the same old ways. I know it’s a tough call–not wanting to be judgmental. But I think we must use common sense and not be afraid to speak common sense when it’s called for.

  13. >The radio ads for this “Call” thing sound like a cross between the latest horror movie promotion

    Hee, funny you should say that, because my first reaction when I heard about this whole thing was to make a George A. Romero joke :)

  14. But if the Mormons baptize me, what god I’m with depends on which planet I’m on. There’s just no certainty about anything these days.

  15. While watching these dopes in front of Hustler the other day during rush hour, it struck me that they are causing a distraction at one of the busier intersections downtown.

    I found myself wishing that someone would have a fatal auto accident right there in front of the store.

    What would their response be? “God’s will! Totally not our fault! Must have been his time!”

    How much responsibility would THE CALL girls and boys assume for contributing to the death of some innocent person? Would their faith be shaken or would it be strengthened? Maybe they would see the light and go get a fucking job.

    I started thinking about last month’s issue of Reason which brought up issue of how the fundies defend the Tree of Liberty but despise its fruits, much the same way the liberals enjoy the fruits but despise the Tree.

    Then the light turned green.

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  17. What kills me about this is how “Christians” are actually putting themselves above God by deciding that they have the right to control free-will. They make sure that they have THEIR rights while they fight to withhold those same rights from others who don’t believe the way they do. They actually believe they are personally responsible for “raising the moral standard” of America. How more arrogant can you get? Was Jesus an arrogant, pissed off asshole looking for something to fight? I believe the only people who enraged Him were the Pharisees. People were having orgies in the streets back then, sacrificing children, rape was ritual temple worship, I mean, our modern society has it made.

    Maybe these people should become educated rather than swallowing every word that comes from their leader’s mouths, leaders who believe what most of what they say has been “breathed into them by the Spirit of God.” I thought they believed the BIBLE was the inherent word of God. They should probably add that to their “what we believe” section of their modern websites that look like “the world” and play it on their 35 Flat screen panels and projection screens that cost enough to feed a starving village in a 3rd world country for over a year. Or maybe announce it in their state of the art “Fellowship Hall” or member center with their Olympic size pool, fitness center and “youth arcade” as the homeless man outside digs through the dumpster for food. Or maybe just have the pastor tell his congregation after the smoke machine and strobe lights fade from the rock concert they called “praise and worship.” Maybe that would work? I don’t know.

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