Random Things I Thought About While Walking the Dog

–I missed walking the dog.  I just love getting out and moving around the neighborhood with her.  My Uncle B. has two bassett hounds and my Cousin A. has a chocolate lab, so I didn’t lack for doggly affection while I was gone, but I missed my dog.  I’m proud to say, too, that she is just about as well behaved as all the other dogs in my family.

–There’s another pitbull in the neighborhood.  We met it this morning.  And I think it’s an honest to god Staffordshire Bull Terrier–real squatty and compact compared to Mrs. Wigglebottom.  Cute as hell, though.

–I can’t breathe.  I wonder if this is going to be a problem in Boston.  I wonder if I can get a cart like they wheeled Hannibal Lector around on and just have Plimco push me to interesting things when I run out of breath.

–My parents arrive on the 11th.  They are staying up at Mack’s cabin.  Well, behind Mack’s cabin, in their trailer.  This will either be the greatest thing to happen to Tiny Cat Pants, allowing me weeks of material to blog about, or we will have to have another fund-raiser in which y’all send me money for therapy.