So, Tell Me about Boston

Okay, folks, you know me by now.  I like creepy things.  I like history.  I like looking at things.  I like magic.  I like folklore.  I like food.

What should I be sure not to miss in Boston?

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  1. I don’t have anything to recommend, but I’m interested in the feedback you get. We’re hoping to make a trip to Boston and Salem this year to visit my husband’s family and I’m kind of nervous about it. Big cities intimate me.

  2. I was only in Boston for one day and wanted to see as much as I could. If you like walking — and I think you do — you have to walk the Freedom Trail. It is 2.5 miles and goes by all the historic spots — and 2 cemeteries (for the creepy historic element!!) It starts on Boston Common and goes all the way to the Bunker Hill Memorial over the Charles River. I was a wuss and quit at the Charlestown Bridge but it was a great walk!

  3. The 54th monument on the edge of Boston Commons. A quick peek in the Statehouse House of Reps Hall to see the Sacred Cod. The UU headquarters with its enormous banner proclaiming “Equal Marriage is a Civil Right.” (Made me mist up a little when I was there in 2004.) The Granary Burying Yard. (That’s all within about 500 yards…and all on or just off the Freedom Trail.)

  4. Tapeo on Newberry Street. Yeaaah tapas.
    Also, the main public library is surprisingly creepy, informative, and cool. Parts of it look oddly like a gothic cathedral, and last time I was there they had a spectacular exhibit on old religious tracts and erotic literature. These old New England cities know how to do libraries…

  5. Go check out the Salem Witch Museum. I’ve never been, but a friend went last year and brought me back a witch ball. The museum has a web site, and you can find “witch ball” on Wikipedia if you don’t know what it is. I’d post the links here but I don’t want you to think I’m spamming you. :)

  6. Boston has some great cemetaries! I’ve only been there once and that at least 15-16 years ago. My dad and I were walking around Harvard and we came upon a really old cemetary, just set back from the street a bit inbetween some old buildings. Creepy, eerie and way cool. Sorry I can’t remember exactly where it’s located or if it has a name but I’m sure you’ll find some others as well!

  7. I would say to skip the Salem museums altogether… fact, that entire aspect of my trip was disappointing. Definitely the Freedom Trail and old graveyards that are everywhere were the best parts.

  8. There’s so much of all of those things in Boston, particularly the history front. Freedom Trail will def get you through the story of the Am. Revolution, but be warned, if it’s hot you’ll be very very sad. Oh, I think it also passes by the Cheers pub, which is called Bull and Finch. I second on the Boston Public Library as a really cool place.

    Mostly I want to share my few cents on the food bit, because that’s what I like most. You should not miss out on fresh seafood. Lots of options for that. Italian food in the North End is a thing, and dim sum in China Town. Also, the Boston Playwrights’ Theater is a few blocks from Allston, which means you can hit Carlos’ Cucina (delicious and cheap Italian food) or Sunset Grill and Tap (a bajillion beers on tap and the best potato skins ever). Feel free to email if you want specific suggestions; if there’s anything I like to talk about, it’s Boston.

  9. I am such a library nerd I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before, but I absolutely second the main public library. I think I repressed the memory of it out of sadness that I can’t just pop in and visit it any time I want. The other library nerd on the trip left me behind because I was taking too long there. Thanks, Mom.

    Really, the thing I noticed when I was there was that any time you turned around you could find something creepy, cool, or good to eat. We had all this planned stuff to do and we kept revising the plan for something we saw along the way.

    I’ll be really excited to hear what you think about it.

  10. I actually haven’t done them (yet), but one of the ghost tours might be a good time.

    Also, all the super-old cemeteries are awesome–I’m especially fond of the Old Burying Ground. :)

  11. Clam Chowder at the Harbor.You will want to eat four bowls of it.
    And getting off the interstate is mind-boggling and weird.
    And it’s beautiful.


  12. Good lord, people. She’s here for 4 days, not a month. Too bad there’s that pesky 6:30 call and 8:00 show every night or maybe we could actually do something for longer than 5 minutes. You’re not going to see the show EVERY night though, are you? That seems excessive. Maybe we could have a game where I get out of the play and have some sort of lottery where the other actors and I guess which part of town you stumbled off to.

    There are a couple of really creepy grave yards right by my house.

    I bought whiskey. And cigars. And diet Dr. Pepper.

    I’m excited.


  13. I get there tomorrow and leave Monday. If I went to see the show every night, it’d only be three times. Is that excessive? I feel like we have hardly any time at all, but even if all I do is lay around your house all day drinking Dr Pepper, it will still be awesome.

    Should I bring my tarot cards?

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