The couple in front of me is making out so loudly that even though they’re two rows up I can hear their lips smacking together.

The couple behind me is giving a running commentary of the make-out session.  “Come on baby, let’s neck.”  “I can’t tell you like me unless you make loud slurping noises.”

U.S. Airways

Back when I bought my ticket to Boston U.S. Air promised me nonstop flights from here to there and back again.  Now I’m stopping in Philly on the way up and Charlotte on the way back.

Well, you win some; you lose some.

Also in the “lose” column is that it took me an hour to get from the curb to my gate.  Clearly they’re having some issues of some sort, but I’m not amused.  I just hope that the plane is fairly empty.

I usually travel American.  My cousin works for them and I just feel like I’m being loyal.  Plus, I’m now used to how they work.

Blah blah blah.  I’m not sure why I’m boring y’all with this shit.  I should go buy a book to read on the plane.