Who Doesn’t Want to See Pictures from Boston, I Ask You?

Here are the flowers that the folks from Queer Soup brought me my first night:


And here is the blueberry beer I drank with them another night.  The blueberries floated up and down in the beer.  It wasn’t bad.


Here’s the sign for the show at the theater:


Here’s some inside publicity:


And some more:


One of my characters is a country music star.  They made her a sparkly jacket.  Here it is.  Isn’t it a hoot?


Ms. B. says there are two types of folks who come to Boston–those who want to look at cemeteries and those who want to look at statues.

Here’s the map to John Hancock’s grave.  Note how the drawing looks suspiciously like John’s “Hancock.”


Here is the actual grave for comparison:


Ms. B. taught me how to zoom.  I promptly zoomed in on these skeletons:


The next day we went to visit some literary types.  Here’s Anne Sexton:


Here’s e.e. cummings.  Funny enough, his name is in all caps.


Believe it or not, this is one of two glass encased children at that cemetery:


And up close:


The other cool thing about that cemetery is that they had a lot of graveyard themed art.  Here’s a creepy bed:


And here is the coolest thing ever–spooky pajamas:


And another shot:


You know it’s just about all I can do to not fill Nashville’s cemeteries with spooky pajamas.

Here’s Ms. B’s dog.  She liked my underwear.  I find that kind of charming.


I Want a Cabinet

I think I’m going to try to make a small cabinet.  I want a place to put all my woo-woo shit and the green box I have is just too small.  Plus, I’d like an altar I could set up year round.  I’m envious of people with altars, though I do feel like I’ve become queen of the improvised altar.  So, the top of the cabinet would need to be tile, I think, just so that it’s heat resistant when I put my cauldron on it.

The good thing is that I’m cool with the cabinet looking somewhat rustic, which is good because I haven’t ever made a piece of furniture before and rustic is probably as good as I can do.