Who Doesn’t Want to See Pictures from Boston, I Ask You?

Here are the flowers that the folks from Queer Soup brought me my first night:


And here is the blueberry beer I drank with them another night.  The blueberries floated up and down in the beer.  It wasn’t bad.


Here’s the sign for the show at the theater:


Here’s some inside publicity:


And some more:


One of my characters is a country music star.  They made her a sparkly jacket.  Here it is.  Isn’t it a hoot?


Ms. B. says there are two types of folks who come to Boston–those who want to look at cemeteries and those who want to look at statues.

Here’s the map to John Hancock’s grave.  Note how the drawing looks suspiciously like John’s “Hancock.”


Here is the actual grave for comparison:


Ms. B. taught me how to zoom.  I promptly zoomed in on these skeletons:


The next day we went to visit some literary types.  Here’s Anne Sexton:


Here’s e.e. cummings.  Funny enough, his name is in all caps.


Believe it or not, this is one of two glass encased children at that cemetery:


And up close:


The other cool thing about that cemetery is that they had a lot of graveyard themed art.  Here’s a creepy bed:


And here is the coolest thing ever–spooky pajamas:


And another shot:


You know it’s just about all I can do to not fill Nashville’s cemeteries with spooky pajamas.

Here’s Ms. B’s dog.  She liked my underwear.  I find that kind of charming.


9 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Want to See Pictures from Boston, I Ask You?

  1. B, those flowers you wondered about are gerbera daisies. Or maybe it’s Gerber daisies, but I think not. They are one of my favorite flowers to be given. That’s a hint, for anyone who’s reading this.

  2. Wow… these pics are awesome… but I’m definitely intrigued by the “spooky pajamas.”

    what cemetary is this?

  3. I found the children spookier than the pajamas.

    Still and all, great pictures.

    I’m almost tempted to use the Carter grave with the skeletons as a desktop.

  4. EEE hee! I have to go back and visit those glass-encased children some time. I fear they are so lonely in there… Oh and it was Forest Hills Cemetary for those of you planning a grave yard trip.

    My dog spent all day yesterday lying wistfully on your bed and pouting. She misses you, but I think she misses your blue panties more.

    I like how my hands are viciously shaking my lazy blueberries into action in the background of your beer photo. Stupid blueberries. Why wouldn’t mine represent?

    You have to post the picture I took, unbeknownst to you, while you were in YOUR pajamas blogging. It is so peaceful and pretty and blue. Oh and your cannoli. Your cannoli looks delicious.

  5. I’m with Katherine, I thought the statues of the children were very eerie.
    However, I’m totally digging the pajamas.
    They are incredible.
    And the flowers, well, nm, those are my favorites too.

  6. I LOVE the bed: the rumpled blanket at the bottom, and the imprint of the head on the pillow. But the pillow on the ground? Frosting on the cake. Too cool.

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